A “whodunit” game

by FunnelCake


Where is your pipeline dying?

  • Was it the VP of Marketing, with poor qualification, in the MQL?

  • Or the SDR, with lack of follow-up, in the discovery call?

  • Or the VP of Sales, with happy ears, in the forecast?

Any one of these roles, process issues, or funnel stages could be the reason why pipeline is dying unnecessarily.

But when your business is scaling, finding why pipeline is dying should not be a mystery. That’s where FunnelCake comes in. Our SaaS platform connects to Salesforce to give visibility into handoffs from lead to revenue.


Want a copy?

If you’re a Salesforce user and would like to see a demo of how FunnelCake can help your teams stay on track from lead to revenue, we’ll send you a copy of our board game.

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