Close the gap between demand gen and sales execution

Getting back to leads quickly, and working them fully, is core to predictable revenue. With FunnelCake’s lead response reports, you’ll be able to hold SDRs accountable to pick-up rates, response times, cadence completion – and more, across leads, contacts, and accounts in Salesforce.


Lead response metrics

FunnelCake provides lead-to-revenue metrics out-of-the-box, ensuring you get the most out of your investment in tools like Salesforce, Salesloft, or Outreach.


More than just leads

FunnelCake brings your leads, contacts, and accounts from Salesforce together into a single view – making it easy to track performance in one dashboard across multiple lead lifecycles. And with one click you can drill into any piece of data to see what’s behind it.

Time-based tracking

Manage your teams compliance to service level agreements for lead management, instantly seeing when leads are on-track or off-track by response time, cadence completion, and more. A unified activity model for Salesforce data makes reporting across lead cycles easy and accurate.

Stack-rank your team

Companies like Drift and Axonify put FunnelCake up on TVs on their sales floor – encouraging reps to improve performance every day and get to the top of the charts. It’s easy to see who’s meeting SLAs and who’s driving qualified leads with a quick glance.


Leads change every day, we make it easy to stay on top

New leads get assigned, worked, and dispositioned every day – making it difficult to see what a rep can and should be working. FunnelCake makes it easy, with native Salesforce UI, actionable email alerts for reps and managers, and easy-to-read visuals.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 2.48.15 PM.png

Alerts and escalation

FunnelCake sends daily alerts to sales reps on leads they’ve missed or are falling behind in their outreach efforts, and escalate these to managers when reps wait too long.


Daily to-do lists

Daily to-do lists go out to sales reps at 4:00pm and highlight recent performance, overdue leads, and cadence performance. One-click links take the rep right to the lead or contact in Salesforce, making it easy to action every lead every day.

Escalation paths

FunnelCake can send daily or one-off email alerts to managers summarizing sales team behaviour and highlighting leads recently assigned that are outside of your SLA, making it easy to hold reps accountable and build good habits.

Create your own workflows

FunnelCake’s red-flags can be synced back to leads and contacts in Salesforce, enabling you to build your own workflows off our core metrics, like re-routing leads that pass an SLA without a touchpoint.


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