Beat your number by changing rep behaviour

Create a predictable funnel with visibility into every opp, hold your sales team accountable to your process, and change behaviour when reps get off track. FunnelCake’s pipeline inspection reports help you effectively coach your reps, identify pipeline issues early enough to fix them, and increase the accuracy of your forecast through Salesforce adoption.


Instant visibility into pipeline health

FunnelCake gives your team instant visibility into pipeline metrics to manage reps, increasing sales efficiency, forecast accuracy, and Salesforce adoption.

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Red flags

FunnelCake’s easy-to-ready visuals make it instantly obvious where reps are on-track or off-track for pipeline management. Know when reps have not set a Next Step or have had no recent activity. Define your own red flags to highlight unique actions you care most about.

Coaching moments

FunnelCake helps reps clean up they data before your call so you can spend more time coaching. Informed by the at a glance reports of each rep’s pipeline health means your questions can zero in on what will help the rep most.

Detailed activity

FunnelCake’s activity model makes sense of Salesforce activities. Isolate activities to those done by the opportunity owner in this sales cycle. Or look at activities by the SDR. It’s a fast, accurate way to get a true sense of rep activities.


Know what’s changed in your pipeline. Every day.

Your Pipeline is fluid. FunnelCake makes it easy to see what happened since your last meeting – by rep, segment, team. And with our native Salesforce UI, you can even put it on your homepage.

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Slice, dice, filter

Segment your data in real-time by any field in Salesforce, making it easy to see where changes are happening in your funnel.

Click-through to everything

Every report enables you to click-through to see the details. For pipeline flow, that means you can see the before-and-after for every opp.

Custom amount fields

Track how pipeline is changing the way you view your business – whether it’s TCV, ACV, or MRR. If it’s in Salesforce, we can track it.


Alerts and in-line views

Weekly email alerts to sales reps flag them to process and data issues, like forgetting about an opp, not updating a close date, or ignoring their next step. Sales managers and leaders get a summary of their team the next day, increasing the chance reps change behaviour.


Weekly to-do lists

Weekly to-do lists go out to sales reps before your pipeline meetings and highlight recent performance, overdue opps, and pipeline changes. One-click links take the rep right to the opportunity in Salesforce, making it easy to action every opportunity.

Manager summaries

FunnelCake can send weekly or one-off email alerts to managers summarizing sales team behaviour and highlighting opps with red flags, making it easy to hold reps accountable and build good habits.

Create your own workflows

FunnelCake’s red-flags can be synced back to opportunities and accounts in Salesforce, enabling you to build your own workflows off our core metrics, like changing forecast category when too many risks appear on a specific opportunity.


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