Professional Services

Your success with FunnelCake's software platform needs a solid foundation – that's why offer professional services designed to get your team, tools, and processes in place.


Sales Operations

Sales process optimization

CRM implementation / re-implementation

Sales enablement

CRM training

Sales enablement collateral

Pipeline acceleration

Roadblock identification

Content and program design


Steps to success

FunnelCake takes a holistic look across the customer lifecycle for every project – this means we bring Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success together to define requirements. We call our framework Revenue Operations.

Depending on the scope of work, professional services projects are usually broken into five phases:

  1. Investigation and documentation

  2. Technical solution design

  3. Implementation

  4. Testing, QA, and iteration

  5. Enablement, change management, and rollout

Investigation and Requirements Gathering

Investigation and requirements gathering uses in-person or virtual meetings, interviews, and frameworks to gather requirements from your internal stakeholders.

This work is intended to find gaps in your internal assumptions, identify opportunities for alignment, and determine core outcomes required from the project. This phase creates a requirements document that the technical solution design needs to meet.

Technical solution design

The second phase of the project defines the technical design requirements for the projects. This will vary based on the scope of the project – for a CRM implementation, we'll spend a lot of time here. For pipeline acceleration, we'll leverage subject matter experts on your team to get us up to speed on your industry.

Technical solution design requirements will be documented as workflow diagrams, process documentation, and other assets as required. Once final approval on the technical solution design is approved by the your team, we can move onto Implementation.


In this phase, FunnelCake moves the technical design into technical implementation, integrations, and content creation. 

Testing, QA, and Iteration

Prior to rolling out changes, projects are run through a series of tests to ensure all processes, workflows, and validation rules are working correctly.

Upon completion of QA, the sandbox environment will be previewed to the relevant team members, such as BDRs, AEs, Sales Managers, and Executives. This will allow for any final edits to be made and questions to be addressed.

Final changes will be made to the design and implementation. Documentation will be created and the project will proceed to rollout to production.

Enablement, Change Management, and Rollout

Marketing and Sales project impact many stakeholders in your business – that's why we include enablement, change management, and rollout plans in every project. We believe this is fundamental to successful adoption of any project, whether its an event designed to move prospects forward in your funnel or a full roll-out of a new CRM.

  1. Enablement
    Final documentation is created to train your team members on the new process. Documentation could include process diagram, training presentations, glossary of terms, and more.

  2. Change Management
    Small changes may be added to production in real-time, while large changes/process changes will be scheduled to move from the Netsuite CRM sandbox to Netsuite CRM production environment together. This should be coordinated for off-peak hours.

    User training should be completed in advance of the change, such as the Friday before. FunnelCake can run this training or create training materials for your team.

  3. Rollout
    FunnelCake will migrate final  configuration changes from your sandbox to production environment, test, and resolve issues that arise during the migration.


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Common Questions

Do I need to subscribe to FunnelCake to get professional services?

No – but we have found that almost all of our Professional Services customers become FunnelCake software customers after seeing the results of their new programs.