Learn how to identify common process issues and red flags in your CRM data to create coaching moments with your team.

About this guide

FunnelCake has evaluated common process issues in opportunity management across hundreds of Salesforce implementations in B2B organizations.

This guide highlights common how you can use common process issues and red flags in CRM data to create coaching moments with your team. By identifying and acting on red flags early, organizations have seen as much as a 2x improvement in lead-to-revenue conversation rates.

What you’ll learn:

Red Flags on open pipeline

Managing risk in open pipeline can be complicated for both reps and managers. It’s easy to stay focused on the marquee deals, while other deals to fall through the cracks. Red flag pipeline inspection is a fast, effective way to stay on top of every deal by mitigating risks every day.

Closed deal analysis

Quarterly business reviews and postmortem deal analysis are critical steps to help each rep (and each team) understand their performance gaps. Find out how to use closed deal analysis to identify key trends and change bad behaviors in managing your sales funnel.

Actions & coaching moments

Knowing is half the battle. Acting is how you win. In order to drive consistent sales performance your team needs frequent visibility into red flags, a method to be held accountable, and to change their behavior when they veer off track.


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