VP of Revenue Operations


As a leader in the RevOps organization, the Vice President of Revenue Operations is responsible for the performance, strategy, and alignment of revenue operations in the company. This position is responsible for overseeing the operations of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success departments, and ensuring that the interaction between those departments is aligned with the larger company-wide strategy dictated by the Chief Revenue Officer and senior leadership across the company.


  • You lead Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams

  • You create strategies to drive all teams to work cohesively, optimizing each to maximize revenue

  • You work with the CRO to optimize existing revenue models and create new revenue streams

  • You drive solutions with the Operations, Tools, Insights, and Enablement teams to optimize the company’s ability to generate more revenue and improve customer retention

  • You are the liaison between the CRO and your reporting departments


  • You have previous senior level sales, marketing, operations, or revenue operations experience

  • You have previously implemented RevOps strategies

  • You have a proven ability to communicate strategy clearly to multiple teams and areas of expertise

Objectives / Outcomes / Measurement

  • Clear communication of RevOps strategy across the company

  • Alignment between Sales, Marketing, and Operations as part of the RevOps framework

  • Revenue focused incentives and organizational strategies