This a template job description. You can use this as a baseline for building out your RevOps team.

Project Management


As a part of the Revenue Operations team, this role is concerned with the planning, execution, and reporting of a team’s work. This role requires heavy cross-functional communication to ensure the successful delivery of the project’s decided tasks. Project management activities in the RevOps framework are concerned with the adoption and rollout of sales processes and technologies. This involves organizing the stakeholders of the project, determining schedule, manage buy-in across the organization, and manage the resources needed to implement the new sales process or technology.


  • You will identify the key stakeholders and representatives needed for the successful completion of each project undertaken in the RevOps organization

  • You develop and communicate the plan for a project’s completion. This involves resource management, development time, training materials, and scheduling

  • You coordinate information transfer activities between teams to facilitate the completion of RevOps tasks

  • You own the communication of project updates and manage expectations around progress and the eventual success of those projects


  • You have prior project management experience

  • You have prior marketing management experience

  • You have prior sales management experience

  • You can demonstrate the ability to clearly communicate project objectives and expectations cross-functionally

  • You can demonstrate the ability to deliver completed projects spanning multiple stakeholders and end-users

  • You can demonstrate the ability to effectively schedule project timelines and resources allocation for multiple stakeholders for the purposes of delivering a project successfully

Objectives / Outcomes / Measurement

An improvement in project planning and management activities:

  • Clear communication of projects being undertaken

  • Successful delivery and rollout of projects

  • Increased collaboration of teams involved in projects


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