This a template job description. You can use this as a baseline for building out your RevOps team.

Performance Management


As part of the Enablement team, this role is focused on ensuring the goals being set by the RevOps organization for both the teams, and the individuals, are being met. You own the process of aligning departments, resources, systems, and individuals to meet the goals that define success for the company. You will need to assess incentives for each team and align those incentives with desired business outcomes to maximize the productivity of the employees and the success of the company. You will manage the activities around employee performance assessment, tracking, metrics, and appraisal.


  • You develop and manage performance tools, processes, and programs

  • You translate company goals to individual goals and align efforts and outcomes

  • You clearly communicate what success looks like for each part of the organization

  • You determine appropriate feedback systems for performance planning

  • You design and evaluate performance appraisal and tracking systems

  • You develop performance improvement plans, coaching agendas, training materials, and progress tracking methods

  • You assess and develop appropriate key performance indicators and performance goals for specific positions and departments


  • You have people management experience

  • You have a working knowledge of performance management systems and how to tailor those systems to a RevOps organization

  • You have experience aligning RevOps incentives with business goals

  • You have experience managing sales teams and effectively tracking performance and metrics across an organization

  • You have the ability to determine the appropriate incentives for the position and aligning those incentives with key performance indicators and deliverable goals

Objectives / Outcomes / Measurement

An improvement in organizational productivity:

  • Alignment between individual performance goals and RevOps organization goals

  • Alignment of RevOps goals across Marketing, Sales, and Operations teams

  • A well structured method of tracking performance and providing feedback


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