This a template job description. You can use this as a baseline for building out your RevOps team.

Learning Management


As part of the Enablement team, this role serves to provide a framework and strategy around education and the ongoing training of the RevOps organization. This role requires a thorough knowledge of RevOps processes and the vision of the organization. You need to have the ability to translate industry best practices and industry trends into training materials and learning opportunities for the RevOps organization. You will need to tailor learning materials to the company’s requirements and get buy-in from trainees to continue with the learning requirements of the organization.


  • You determine the learning goals for each department and tailor the subject matter to knowledge gaps that exist

  • You identify stakeholders in the RevOps organization to find the knowledge gaps that exist

  • You evaluate learning frameworks and implement those that are most appropriate to the needs of the RevOps team

  • You determine if types of certifications or specific coaching is needed to promote success in the organization


  • You have previous experience with learning management activities and projects

  • You have education experience

  • You have experience in corporate coaching or training positions

  • You have the ability to work in a cross-functional position and communicate different types of training subject matter

  • You can demonstrate the ability to implement or design an education framework

  • You have a proven ability to guide training activities based on company vision and industry trends

  • You have the ability to identify knowledge gaps in the organization

Objectives / Outcomes / Measurement

An improvement in RevOps knowledge and ability:

  • Reduced ramp up time for sales representatives

  • Increased deal velocity

  • Increased product knowledge


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