This a template job description. You can use this as a baseline for building out your RevOps team.

Database Developer


As part of the Insights team, this role requires the ability to gather and store data from disparate business data sources. You have the ability to manage and manipulate large amounts of data for the purposes of making that data available to other members of the organization. You are responsible for designing the databases used to store company data, ensuring that the data is both accessible and secure, and that other members of the organization are able to retrieve the data that they need.


  • You own the design and structure of the data facilities

  • You provide access to the databases to each area of the company that requires it

  • You decide the appropriate database schemas and formats for the data you are storing

  • You organize different data sets and link data sources together as needed

  • You provide extensive documentation on available data and how to access it


  • You are experienced in database technologies and best practices

  • You have a working understanding of how databases store data, and how different sources of data can provide that data for the company

  • You are fluent in database languages and can easily interface with business system APIs to collect the data needed for business processes

Objectives / Outcomes / Measurement

An improvement in organizational productivity:

  • Better, more consistent access to business data

  • Single, or simple locations for data

  • Faster analysis of data by Insights team


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