This a template job description. You can use this as a baseline for building out your RevOps team.

Business Analyst


As part of the Insights team, this role requires the ability to interpret data from disparate business data sources. This role is needed to analyze data and communicate how to apply findings to the business models and needs of the the company. Your activities can involve strategic analysis, business model analysis, systems analysis and process analysis. Business analysts help inform and report key performance indicators, business model optimizations and opportunities, define requirements for success or requirements for new businesses or products. You will also contribute to case studies and assess the validity of new business plans or strategies.


  • You will be responsible for the analysis of business models and strategies

  • You own the communication of your analysis to improve business processes

  • You conduct research into new business models and assess the validity of new ventures

  • You provide insights and analysis into current business and inform direction of process and model changes

  • You will need to gain an understanding of the underlying systems that contribute to the business and how they interact to result in the end product/process/outcome


  • You have previous data analysis or business administration experience

  • You are able to model business processes and communicate the analysis of those processes

  • You have built case studies examining businesses or processes

  • You have prior experience with sales and marketing tools like Salesforce and HubSpot

Objectives / Outcomes / Measurement

An improvement in organizational productivity:

  • More efficient workflows and processes

  • Decreased ramp up time

  • Increased carry capacity

  • Increased deal velocity

  • Cleaner data stores

  • Increased visibility into operations and metrics


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