RevOps Template Job Descriptions

RevOps has four areas of responsibility: Revenue OperationsEnablementInsights, and Tools. This creates focus by separating the management of internal and external stakeholders into specific areas.

Each of these teams have roles and responsibilities that can be unique to a RevOps organization. These template job descriptions can serve as a template for building your own RevOps team.


Revenue Operations Team

Operations management works across the business at macro- and micro-levels. Operations management works on everything from strategic business objectives to tactical program design; managing resources to ensure every outcome aligns with the needs of the business. Operations management can start with distributed roles, such as Sales Ops or Marketing Ops, and become more specialized over time.

Enablement Team

Sales Enablement removes friction from your reps, turning an ordinary Sales team into a high velocity, high throughput deal factory. RevOps takes Enablement to the next level – bringing Enablement practices to Marketing and Customer Success. Each enablement effort has compounding effects on your whole business, and you’ll see reps closing more business, faster, with fewer resources.

Insights Team

The Insights team gives superpowers to everyone from a Marketing Program Manager to your Board. From day-to-day insights to strategic analysis, this team will give you confidence in the decisions you’re making (and the quality of data to back them up).

Tools Team

The Tools team is responsible for all technology used by Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success – from implementing CRM to social selling tools. The tools team should have a deep understanding of CRM and business processes, in addition to technical capabilities.



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