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The RevOps Framework

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success need to operate across the full funnel to drive growth.

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is a new department that manages full funnel operations across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

RevOps brings together four areas of responsibility from departmental silos: Operations, Enablement, Insights, and Tools.

Sales Pipeline Inspection

Learn how to discover and correct behavioral problems to drive predictable growth.

FunnelCake has evaluated common process issues in opportunity management across hundreds of Salesforce implementations in B2B organizations.

By identifying and acting on red flags early, organizations have seen as much as a 2x improvement in lead-to-revenue conversion rates.


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Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success – together at last.


Lead Response Management

Unify system data, build alignment, and create accountability to drive growth

Sales Pipeline Inspection

Turn process issues in CRM data into coaching moments.


Case Studies

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Viral adoption in how sales reps drive revenue

Namely needed a full funnel tool that delivered the combination of visibility and flexibility. Within a month of launching, conversion rates improved by 1.5x.

“FunnelCake was the fastest 0-to-60 I’ve ever done implementing a new tool.”


Auvik Networks

Driving change from the bottom-up

Auvik saw a 2x improvement in full funnel conversion since launching FunnelCake – using alerts and interactive reports to help Auvik’s reps build the right Salesforce habits.

"Our reps love using FunnelCake — the reports help them close more deals faster."


Use FunnelCake worksheets with your team to identify where gaps exist in your funnel.

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Lead Management Worksheet

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Opportunity Stages Worksheet


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