Maximize your Salesforce experience.

Your forecast accuracy, core metrics, and performance management all rely on accurate data in Salesforce. That requires consistent Salesforce adoption – and that has to be easy for reps.

That’s why we built the best Salesforce homepage.


FunnelCake’s To-Do List


A buyer-centric approach

Our To-Do List is not about tasks, it’s about your buyer. And making sure they get the experience you intend – every time.

From the moment a new lead comes in, critical metrics are tracked including pick-up rate, response time, cadence completion, disposition, and conversion rates. And when things start falling short, health flags start appearing in your reports and FunnelCake alerts – making sure every lead, contact, and opportunity you have moving through the funnel gets the best experience possible.

In-the-moment coaching

Sales is hard, right? Building relationships, maintaining Salesforce data, and finding ways to move deals forward – so it’s no surprise that sales reps end up getting scatter brained from time-to-time.

The FunnelCake To-Do List lives on their homepage to help prioritize each day, hour, and minute with an easy-to-use interface, health flags, and built-in alerts to let sales reps know when action is required to keep a deal healthy, or when there’s something missing from a record – like scheduling a next task or logging an activity.

Nothing gets lost

FunnelCake brings your leads and contacts together into a single view – making it easy to track performance in one dashboard across multiple lead lifecycles. 

Our easy-to-read visuals make it instantly obvious where reps are on-track or off-track for lead and pipeline management. It’s apparent when reps have not set a Next Step or have had no recent activity, and FunnelCake makes it easy to take action so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Helping sales reps in-the-moment, in the place they are already working – in Salesforce.


Improve pipeline performance with measurable results.

Arm your reps with FunnelCake’s in-the-moment coaching where they are already working so they can make quick and informed decisions that drive leads and opportunities forward.


Give your sales reps contextual insights and recommended actions in real time.

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and resources making your Salesforce work for your business. That’s why we’re bringing FunnelCake health flags, insights, and suggested actions inline with where your reps are working – right in Salesforce.

Get FunnelCake insights on your leads, contacts, and opportunities so you can be certain that you and your team are working every deal to its fullest potential.


On a Lead

On a Contact

On the Opportunity


Lead response

Out-of-the-box reporting on lead response time, pick-up rates, and cadence completion so you can make sure your leads are getting a great customer experience.


Pipeline management

Create a more predictable funnel with visibility into every opp, and use FunnelCake to hold your sales team accountable to changes that are happening in the funnel.


Work every lead, contact, and opportunity to its fullest potential.

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