Actionable alerts for sales reps

95% of sales reps at our customers use FunnelCake start their day – it's a great to-do list, has built-in SLA enforcement, escalation to sales managers, and one-click links that get reps using Salesforce.


Start your day right

Email alerts can go out every day and include everything reps need to focus on: leads and contacts that require follow-up, and the health of current opportunity pipeline.

Over 90% of sales process issues get cleaned up, and stay cleaned up, within 3-months of launching FunnelCake.

One-click fix

Notifications ask rep questions – and with one-click reps can head to a specific lead, contact, or opportunity to Salesforce to fix issues quickly.

You’ll find common pipeline issues like deals with:

  • leads that have been assigned, but not picked up by a sales rep

  • opps that have no recent activity

  • have close dates in the past

  • spend too long in one stage or are older or larger than anything your team has ever won

  • and custom red flags for your team

Break through the noise

One easy-to-read email that has everything you need to know about your pipeline. It’s a clear, focused to-do list – in one place, at the same time every day.

Find risks early

At-a-glance risk assessment uses your team’s service level agreements, industry best-practices, and organization-specific red flags to highlight when leads and opps are at risk – early enough for you to fix it.

Reps beat their comp plan

Reps using FunnelCake close up to 31% more business by staying on top of sales process.

Reps can save face

Reps have 24 hours to fix issues before Sales Managers gets a summary of outstanding red flags the next day, building a coaching and accountability loop.



Here’s how we use FunnelCake to manage our own pipeline


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