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  • No one uses Salesforce
  • Our data is a mess
  • Poor visibility for Managers and Reps
  • No accountability
  • Folklore

FunnelCake is the secret weapon for our sales reps to be successful.
— Carol Leaman, CEO at Axonify

Scaling Sales is hard without defined metrics and processes.

FunnelCake uses a Revenue Operations measurement model to operationalize your full funnel.

1) Evaluate your historical performance by segment
2) Identify risks to your open pipeline
3) Coach reps with actionable alerts based on real-time changes to their funnel

Your reps are dropping the ball on their pipeline. There is too much noise in Salesforce – too many dashboards, reports, and notifications. FunnelCake streamlines all this. We analyze your historical sales performance, find risks in your reps current pipeline, and let them know what they should fix.

Things like close dates that are at risk, opportunities they forgot about, and more.

Plus, if they don't update their data in 48 hours – we'll tell you, too.

FunnelCake helps your team follow your Sales process – from lead to revenue, leading to 30% increase in bookings, 90% improvement in CRM utilization and data quality.

FunnelCake helps your Sales team build the right habits with personalized, actionable insights – like a smart coach. We evaluate each rep's pipeline against your process, and historical performance, then let them know when they're in violation of the process.

It's a simple way to build accountability. But even better, it helps the reps focus their efforts by learning to manage their own pipeline.

Your process is great – it's time to follow it.

For Sales Managers, this means your forecast is up to date. You can spend your 1:1s on coaching and sales strategy, instead of chasing reps down to update the CRM.

FunnelCake gets reps to update the CRM by acting like a personal coach – giving them the data they need every week to be successful and pushing them to ask if their pipeline is really where they think it is.

FunnelCake has helped our sales reps build better Salesforce habits, follow our process, and stay on top of their pipeline – doubling our win rate.
— Mercedes Geimer, Sales Manager, Auvik Networks


FunnelCake helps you measure the hand-off gaps between different parts of your team – ensuring all Marketing leads are followed up in a timely manner, SDR hand-offs to sales are promptly engaged, and reps are using your pipeline stages correctly.

Leads are dying on the vine due to a lack of visibility in the CRM and lack of accountability for the reps. It's hard to track at scale.

FunnelCake helps busy sales teams stay on top of their leads and pipeline, identifying where they've dropped the ball, and using automated coaching tools to help them get back on track. Imagine if your reps were accountable for:
- Ensuring all leads are followed up within your SLA between Marketing and Sales
- Etc.

We need a unified place for operational data to live, and be accessed for reporting and actions. Right now, Marketing, Sales, and CS have their own metrics, processes, and tools – making it completely disconnected to report on your full funnel. FunnelCake breaks down these silos by bringing all of your revenue-related data into one platform, and providing key insights from a unified set of data to different users:
– Marketing can see how leads are converting to revenue
- Sales management can see how healthy pipeline is and manage the forecast
- Sales reps are held accountable to the process and develop better habits through automatic coaching
– And everywhere, your process is defined, connected to shared metrics, alerting you when things go off the rails – so you can fix them early, instead of after you miss your number

Using FunnelCake helped us identify and resolve a huge gap between lead assignment and conversion by our reps.
— Dave Chalmers, VP Sales at Dozr

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