18: Marko Savic on MarTech and the Buyer Journey

The Marketing Leap was a one-day, single-track conference held on February 29th, 2016. We brought together over 200 attendee's in the Tannery Event Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. There was amazing speakers, hipster coffee, a delicious lunch, and happy hour networking. We heard it called "the most honest (no bullshit) conference ever." Follow along to all the news with #marketingleap16

In this session, Co-Founder and CEO of FunnelCake, Marko Savic closes out the day with a presentation on MarTech and Understanding the Buyer Journey. His presentation covers every marketers favourite four letter word (we know what you're thinking - but no) data, how to pick the right technology (there are only two rules), and how his personal job history has a lot to do with why FunnelCake is now a company. Follow along with the SlideShare here

More Marketing Leap resources can be found in our podcast feed — check them out. 

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