Revenue operations needs to run like a machine: every handoff, follow-up, and sales activity has a consequence further down the funnel – impacting if your revenue machine is predictable and scalable.

This means we need to enable everyone, not just leadership, with data.

It’s time to say goodbye to siloed dashboards.


Scaling impact

Your revenue funnel is a series of handoffs – from marketing, to sales development, to sales, to customer success, and back to marketing. It’s a cycle and each team’s actions impact the rest of the organization’s ability to execute.

You need three things to scale predictably:



From lead to revenue, shared with everyone, on every team.



You need targets, service-level agreements, and business processes.


Change Behaviour

This machine is made of humans –  humans learn and change.


Dashboards only focus on visibility

Dashboards are seen as a single, unified view of the business from top-to-bottom. Dashboards are fundamentally a tool for leadership teams to understand where the advantages and risks are inside the business. Dashboards can highlight risks and changes in our markets early enough to make change. Dashboards can spur conversations with middle-management. Eventually, dashboards can lead to strategic, enablement, or coaching moments that impact the reps. But these take a long time to filter down from the top.

The scale of impact is huge

Think about the scale of impact visibility of data could have for your revenue organization – you might have 10, 50, 100 or more sales reps. You might have entire sales management organization built to bring out the most of their capabilities. You might have an operations team working to improve the efficiency of this team. Yet most of these people don’t know have visibility into their performance or know how to take action from a dashboard.

Behavior drives performance

Creating real accountability and and changing behavior haven’t had meaningful impact from dashboards. This is the problem FunnelCake aims to solve – to transform your sales machine from the bottom-up, enabling your team with actions that change behavior, increase accountability through coaching moments, and drive strategic decisions through visibility across the full funnel (yes, in the form of dashboards).

The traditional dashboards isn’t enough. We need to connect dashboards to our processes, to understand when we’re falling short in real-time, and turn data into actions – everyday events the machine puts into action to drive revenue.






Looks like a dashboard.

Unlike any dashboard.


FunnelCake makes data visible to everyone in an actionable way, changing your business in big ways with everyday actions.

•Embedded directly in the Salesforce UI for reps and managers

•Email alerts with one-click actions for leads and opportunities

•Intuitive, interactive dashboards for your full funnel


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