ICYMI: June 17, 2018

What we wrote

FunnelCake has partnered up with Kiite and LevelJump to create the Sales Productivity Survey 2018. The goal is to answer some important questions in the Sales space centered around how Sales Reps spend their time to uncover some valuable insights. 

If you're in Sales, take the survey to gain exclusive access to the results. It's anonymous, will only take 7-minutes of your time, AND if you're one of the first 800 to complete the survey we'll send you a $10 giftcard to Starbucks ☕️ ☺️

What we're reading

  1. Jason Lemkin explains that all closing is not equal. Different deal sizes require different skills, and it can be tough to jump from one bracket to another. That's why the first question you should ask your Sales hires is what their experience level is at your ACV is. 
    Why SMB and Enterprise Sales Have Nothing In Common — 3 minutes

  2. Tyler Sprunk writes about using video to accomplish the thing everyone is Marketing and Sales is after: more closed sales. 
    How to Use Video to Move Leads Through the Sales Funnel Stages — 6 minutes

  3. Brandon Redlinger recognizes that target account lists get plenty of attention in ABM, but the focus on clean contact data does not. He goes through some eye opening stats, data cleanliness blindspots, and how to maintain quality standards while growing your database. 
    Cleansing and Enriching Your Contact Records for a Pristine ABM Program — 5 minutes

  4. Jeff Hoffman offers his suggestion on how to follow-up with prospects after you've been ignored via email. 
    How to Send a Follow-Up Email After No Response — 4 minutes

  5. Tomasz Tunguz looks into the recent Github acquisition by Microsoft and how it's positioned Microsoft at the forefront of open-source. 
    Seven Strategic Rationales For The Microsoft/Github Acquisition — 2 minutes

  6. Steli Efti explains that as you're growing, selling to startups should be part of your strategy, but not the entire thing. 
    Selling to startups: What you need to do to get the most our of your startup customers — 10 minutes

  7. Allison Pickens wrote a brilliant guide on aligning your whole company around the customer. 
    The Essential Guide to Company-wide Customer Success — 20 minutes

Meme of the week

The World Cup is upon us, and naturally, people are excited. Some are so excited, that they've been diagnosed with World Cup fever

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ICYMI: May 20, 2018

What we wrote

We've had an exciting last few weeks with our time at Dreampitch as well as a number of new customers joining the platform. Read all about it:

Rachel Miller, the Senior Social Strategist at Thulium.co, joined us on the expert interview series to chat about lead generation with social influencers. 

"Numbers aren't everything."

Lead Generation with Social Influencers with Rachel Miller — 11-minute read

What we're reading

  1. David Skok breaks down what the two main contributors to churn are and how to avoid them.  
    Top Two Reasons for Churn — 3 minutes

  2. Steli Efti explains that an unqualified inbound lead is just as bad as an unqualified outbound lead ... but many people don't understand this and if you sell to them, it's actually hurting your business. 
    5 places your inbound funnel is bringing in bad customers — 6 minutes

  3. David Kellogg talks about how to properly scrub your pipeline to ensure that your castle is not built on a sand foundation. 
    “Always Scrubbing the Pipeline” Means “Never Scrubbing the Pipeline.” — 4 minutes

  4. Vishnu Vankayala writes about the rise of marketing operations and how data lakes can play an important role in collecting data for analysis to better acquire, retain, and engage prospects.
    Martech 2.0  —  Rise of Marketing operations and Marketing data lake — 8 minutes

  5. Robbie Richards lays out some top-of-funnel marketing campaigns that will help you to generate demand and fill the rest of your funnel with quality leads. 
    B2B Marketing Campaign Types to Power the Top of Your Funnel — 12 minutes

  6. Dayna Rothman tells a story about how she got catfished by a candidate but luckily discovered something was fishy before a hire was made.
    I Got Catfished By A Candidate — 5 minutes

  7. Haresh Gangwani explains the value that customer marketing and customer success when they are working in unison. 
    How B2B Brands Can Turn Customer Loyalty into Revenue for Their Business — 7 minutes

Meme of the week

Yanny or Laurel? ... Yes, it’s the dress controversy all over again. 

What do you hear? The question that is taking over the internet and dividing every friend group, office, and family in its path. 

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ICYMI: May 4, 2018

FunnelCake Wins The First Ever Canadian Dreampitch at Salesforce World Tour

Yesterday Marko Savic, Founder and CEO at FunnelCake, took the stage at Salesforce's Dreampitch competition for the opportunity at a $100K investment from Salesforce Ventures and good news – we won 🎉

What we wrote

Curt Crosby, Partner at Velas Coaching, joined us to chat about the difference between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement.

We also discuss characteristics that make for great leaders, negative traits that leaders need to eliminate, and (of course) Curt's favorite '90s dance song. 

The Difference Between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement — 9-minute read

What we're reading

1. Sonja Jacob highlights some truly shocking numbers out of Drift's Lead Response Survey. Here are a few:

  • B2B digital ad buyers are on track to spend $4.6B to tell people about their product and drive people back to their website/blog.

  • The average response time for B2B companies that bothered to reply at all is 42 hours.

  • More than half of B2B companies still aren’t following up with leads–at all.

The Drift Lead Response Report — 8 minutes

2. Lauren McMenemy talks with marketing leaders about the balancing act they have to deal with of creating creative marketing campaigns while proving ROI and generating leads. 
Balancing Art and Science: The Modern CMO’s Experience in Driving Revenue — 10 minutes

3. Jeff Hoffman put together a list of mistakes to avoid when closing deals. 
17 Sales Closing Mistakes That’ll Stop a Deal in Its Tracks — 8 minutes

4. Tomasz Tunguz explains why we tend to overestimate our own work and don't necessarily give others as much credit as they might deserve, and how things like daily standups, weekly handoffs, and QBRs will shine light on everyone's contributions. 
Why I Overestimate My Contribution To My Team — 3 minutes

5. Steli Efti takes on the interesting task of tearing down cold email and lists some actionable take-aways you can use when creating your cold emails. 
Cold email teardown session from Enterprise Rising — 37 minutes (video)

6. Jaxson Khan talks with Brandon Redlinger about what you need to understand before going too deep with your Account Based Marketing (and Sales) strategy. 
Four Basics You Must Understand To Be Successful with ABM — 5 minutes

7. Raluca Popescu summarizes Paul Rouke's in-depth presentation on CRO strategy using a number of case study examples and how embracing a growth mindset can pay big dividends with conversion optimization. 
The four pillars of CRO strategy by Paul Rouke — 7 minutes

Meme of the week

It's May 4th ... you know what the meme of the week has to be - Happy Star Wars Day 

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ICYMI: April 8, 2018

What we wrote

Tim Hughes, Co-Founder at Digital Leadership Associates and someone who knows a thing or two about social (200K+ Twitter followers), joined us to talk social trends, strategy, and tactics. 

"People think that social selling means that you have to sell over social. It’s not."

Tim Hughes on Social Transformation and Selling — 14-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Steli Efti breaks down the difference between an inside sales team and an outside sales team, something important to understand if you're building a sales team or recruiting talent. 
    Inside sales vs. outside sales: What's the actual difference? — 7 minutes
  2. Jory MacKay encourages businesses to make sure that fixing leaks in your funnel remains a priority while you're in growth mode, or you'll become the captain of a sinking ship. 
    How the teams at Buffer, Zapier, Close.io, and more plugged their biggest revenue leaks — 13 minutes
  3. Jason Lemkin gives his advice on how to break into a crowded space, as well as some ways that you should avoid. 
    5 Ways to Enter a Crowded Market. And 3+ Ways Not To. — 4 minutes
  4. Dave Kellogg is surprised by the lack of alignment between CEOs and board members when it comes to one thing: what success looks like. It's a simple question that can spark quite the conversation and debate. 
    The Question that CEOs Too Often Don’t Discuss with the Board — 4 minutes
  5. Brooke Goodbary explains why you need a dedicated Customer Success team, how many you should have, and what skills to look for in hiring. 
    When and How to Make Your First Customer Success Hire — 6 minutes
  6. John Cutler digs into the interesting topic of the opportunity cost of decision making, and all the factors that play into the cost of making decisions that you likely don't think about. 
    Cost Per Reasonable Decision (CPRD) — 7 minutes
  7. Tomasz Tunguz writes about Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and how unclear ICPs can be problematic, but clear ones can be too ... the key is having an ICP that is easy to identify with lead generation tools. 
    An Often Forgotten Characteristic About Your Startup's Ideal Customer Profile — 3 minutes

Meme of the week

This week's meme is a clip that has gone viral of a young boy named Mason Ramsey, or better known on the internet as "yodeling Walmart boy". Take a look at the full story, original video, and extra internet hilarity here

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ICYMI: February 25, 2018

What we wrote

Marko Savic joined an impressive crew of seasoned sales experts, practitioners, and thought leaders to explore the future of sales and consider how forward-thinking teams can win the market in 2018.
The Future of Sales: Insights for the Best Sales Teams In the Galaxy by Lessonly

What we're reading

  1. Steli Efti explains what to do when your customers ask for a discount. Short answer: don't give in, but if you do, do it in the right way. 
    What to do when your customers ask for a discount (and why you shouldn’t give them one) — 8 minutes
  2. Tomasz Tunguz explains how to hang on to your key startup employees through the use of stock options. 
    How To Use Options To Retain Key Employees In Your Startup — 4 minutes
  3. Karl Clement gives some helpful advice when it comes to scaling your SaaS business.
    Knowing When To Scale — 5 minutes
  4. Sonja Jacob writes about getting Sales and Marketing aligned through revenue and to use tech to make it happen. 
    Marketers Are Drowning in Metrics: Here’s How Revenue Marketing Can Help — 5 minutes
  5. Dave Kellogg uncovers a big myth about management by objective and objective key results that will have you thinking about the entire job scope next time your discussing objectives. 
    The Single Biggest Myth about MBOs and OKRs — 3 minutes
  6. David Lynch talks about the dilemmas product engineers face when it comes to progress over perfection and speed over safety, and that there's a certain level of uncertainty that exists in these dilemmas ... uncertainty that should be embraced. 
    Move fast and optimize for the long-term — 8 minutes
  7. Dan Tighe makes an argument for aligning Sales and Marketing, and it's through content marketing and provides a helpful infographic to get the point across. 
    Why Your Sales Team Really Should Invest Time in Content Marketing — 4 minutes

Meme of the week

As the PyeongChang Olympics continue, young athletes – coming from the millennial generation – continue to perform and put on an impressive show. Red Gerard, born in 2000, may have won the most millennial gold medal ever ... just take a look at the highlights that led to, and followed, his Olympic win:

  • Binge watched Netflix the night before competition
  • Overslept and almost missed the finals
  • Lost his jacket so had to borrow his roommates
  • Won the gold medal in slopestlye snowboarding
  • Dropped an f-bomb on live TV

Full Story

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