ICYMI: October 8, 2017

What we wrote

Oldies but Goodies:

  1. Building Cross-Functional, Revenue-Focused Teams — 9-minutes
  2. Pete Caputa on the Sales Process — 17-minutes
  3. Joanna Wiebe on Writing Copy that Sells — 17-minutes

What we're reading

  1. Doug Kessler argues why revenue shouldn't be the only thing that marketers have their eye on, but rather to look down to the bottom-line. 

    |      "TLDR: Screw 'Pipeline', chase Profit." 

    Why revenue is the wrong marketing metric — 5 minutes
  2. Tomasz Tunguz put together an interesting piece on the SaaS industry and how it's become commodified with easy-to-use infrastructure, popular sales playbooks, and rising customer aquistion costs. He goes on to explain that this isn't a bad thing, not at all, but an opportunity. 
    Has SaaS Become Commodified? — 3 minutes
  3. Scott Vaughan explains that B2B marketing automation platforms are at a point of re-examination, which is a great thing. Marketing is changing from being brand-focused, to revenue-focused, and so marketing automation needs to make adjustments accordingly. Will you be ready for these changes?
    Ready to evolve beyond marketing automation in the next era of marketing? — 6 minutes
  4. Ross Simmonds gathered 50 useful B2B stats that could (and should) have you rethinking your Marketing strategy. 
    50 B2B Marketing Stats That Could Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy — 12 minutes
  5. Jason Cohen encourages product teams to have their eyes on an SLC (simple, lovable, complete), rather than the traditional MVP. 
    I hate MVPs. So do your customers. Make it SLC instead. — 5 minutes
  6. Ben Virdeee-Chapman wrote a post that Jason Lempkin fans will love, and everyone else will likely not understand. Click on the link accordingly. 
    I am not Jason Lemkin – A startup parody, parody. — 3 minutes

Meme of the week

It was World Architecture Day on Monday and ... well, Deanna Raybourn put it best: 

To see Cathedrals fight on Twitter, which we all do, go here

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