ICYMI: November 18, 2017

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  1. Tomasz Tunguz explains how looking at the LTV/CAC metric for startups can give a false sense of confidence when a better metric to look at is Payback Period.
    The False Confidence Of The LTV/CAC Ratio For Early Stage SaaS Startups — 2 minutes

  2. Dave Kellogg looks at the seemingly simple metric of win rate, but digs further to show how it relates to the concept of milestone vs. flow analysis and full-funnel conversion rates. 
    Win Rates, Close Rates and Milestone vs. Flow Analysis — 6 minutes

  3. Lizzy Funk passes on some helpful tips on how Marketing Automation can help increase Sales (in addition to making life easier for the Marketing team). 
    7 Ways to Increase Sales with Marketing Automation — 5 minutes

  4. FirstMark shares some of the expert insights they've gathered from Marketing leaders of companies including Shopify, Slack, and Spotify at their annual CMO Summit. 
    Marketing lessons from the world’s leading CMOs — 5 minutes

  5. Carol Luong gives some helpful advice to jumpstart sales and build momentum for technical startup founders. 
    Sales Advice for Technical Founders — 8 minutes

  6. Matt Wesson argues why companies should first utilize current tools to aid Sales Enablement efforts before going out and purchasing yet another tool to add to the tech stack. 
    Sales Enablement Isn’t Just Another Tool for Your Sales Stack — 4 minutes

  7. Chris Glass writes about how Machine Learning is changing the way we do ... well, everything, and specifically how it can help improve Sales performance and effectiveness. 
    7 Ways Machine Learning Boosts Sales Performance and Drives Growth — 14 minutes

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New iPhones are now available, and a core feature that has people excited (and rightfully so) are animojis. Take a look at the newest craze – #AnimojiKaraoke



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