ICYMI: May 4, 2018

FunnelCake Wins The First Ever Canadian Dreampitch at Salesforce World Tour

Yesterday Marko Savic, Founder and CEO at FunnelCake, took the stage at Salesforce's Dreampitch competition for the opportunity at a $100K investment from Salesforce Ventures and good news – we won 🎉

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What we wrote

Curt Crosby, Partner at Velas Coaching, joined us to chat about the difference between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement. 


We also discuss characteristics that make for great leaders, negative traits that leaders need to eliminate, and (of course) Curt's favorite '90s dance song. 

The Difference Between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement — 9-minute read


What we're reading

1. Sonja Jacob highlights some truly shocking numbers out of Drift's Lead Response Survey. Here are a few:

  • B2B digital ad buyers are on track to spend $4.6B to tell people about their product and drive people back to their website/blog.

  • The average response time for B2B companies that bothered to reply at all is 42 hours.
  • More than half of B2B companies still aren’t following up with leads–at all.

The Drift Lead Response Report — 8 minutes

2. Lauren McMenemy talks with marketing leaders about the balancing act they have to deal with of creating creative marketing campaigns while proving ROI and generating leads. 
Balancing Art and Science: The Modern CMO’s Experience in Driving Revenue — 10 minutes

3. Jeff Hoffman put together a list of mistakes to avoid when closing deals. 
17 Sales Closing Mistakes That’ll Stop a Deal in Its Tracks — 8 minutes

4. Tomasz Tunguz explains why we tend to overestimate our own work and don't necessarily give others as much credit as they might deserve, and how things like daily standups, weekly handoffs, and QBRs will shine light on everyone's contributions. 
Why I Overestimate My Contribution To My Team — 3 minutes

5. Steli Efti takes on the interesting task of tearing down cold email and lists some actionable take-aways you can use when creating your cold emails. 
Cold email teardown session from Enterprise Rising — 37 minutes (video)

6. Jaxson Khan talks with Brandon Redlinger about what you need to understand before going too deep with your Account Based Marketing (and Sales) strategy. 
Four Basics You Must Understand To Be Successful with ABM — 5 minutes

7. Raluca Popescu summarizes Paul Rouke's in-depth presentation on CRO strategy using a number of case study examples and how embracing a growth mindset can pay big dividends with conversion optimization. 
The four pillars of CRO strategy by Paul Rouke — 7 minutes

Meme of the week

It's May 4th ... you know what the meme of the week has to be:

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