ICYMI: June 11, 2017

What we wrote

Mark Roberge, former CRO at Hubspot, joined us to answer the question: what does a CRO do? In this post you'll learn things like:

  • how Mark moved from Hubspot's first salesperson to CRO
  • how to overcome the most common roadblocks Sales teams run into
  • how to better align Sales, Marketing, and Success through the full-funnel

What Does a CRO Do? With Mark Roberge — 13-minute read

If you haven't already, make sure to check out The RevOps Framework by FunnelCake

What we're reading

  1. Dave Kellogg talks about the magical 3X pipeline coverage ratio that we all know and love, where it originated from, and how we should think about it differently 🤔
    The Self-Fulfilling 3x Pipeline Coverage Prophecy — 6 minutes
  2. Mark Evans offers a step-by-step marketing strategy framework to use instead of the "shot-gun" approach that most startups tend to use. 
    A 7-Step Marketing Strategy Framework For Fast-Growing Companies — 7 minutes
  3. Nis Frome explains how every time your customers use your product, you're generating a goldmine of meaningful insights ⛏. Use that data correctly, and you can fill your top-of-funnel, engage prospects more strategically, and enhance your product. 
    You’re Sitting on a Gold Mine of Data — Here’s What You Should Do With It — 4 minute
  4. Alex Iskold walks through funnel strategy for startups, including funnels for B2B, B2C, and even for fundraising. 
    Funnels for Startups: A Primer — 10 minutes
  5. Steli Efti provides a list of the ten most common objections that salespeople should be prepared for (plus all the industry-specific objectives ones.)
    10 objection handling techniques every B2B salesperson should know — 6 minutes
  6. John Rode breaks down what sales capacity is, and why it's imperative to build into your plan the time it takes to get from "we need to hire more reps" to those reps being fully ramped up. 
    What's Really Driving Your Sales Capacity? — 4 minutes
  7. Cóbhan Phillipson put together a list of eleven sales metrics to track in order to improve overall performance and grow revenue 💰
    11 Sales Performance Metrics That Matter Most — 9 minutes

Meme of the week

Instead of going for a funny meme this week, we've got something that is ... out of this world

Basically, the Juno probe was launched back in 2011, and it orbits around Jupiter collecting information about its atmosphere and structure. Every so often, Juno dips into low altitude starts to collects photos.

NASA released those images earlier this month and German mathematician, Eichstaedt, went to work putting the photos together into a breathtaking video that you need to watch.

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