ICYMI: July 9, 2017

What we wrote

We talked with Joe Gelata, VP of Business Operations at Axonify, about how a Revenue Operations model can help solve issues like:

  • Dirty data
  • Overlapping tool stacks
  • Lack of ownership over data

Building Cross-Functional, Revenue-Focused Teams — 9-minute read

Marko Savic guest curated one of our favorite newsletter's – Raise the Bar. In it you'll find great stuff from April Dunford, Amrita Mathur, Carol Leaman, and Jill Rowley.  
Raise the Bar by Marko Savic 

What we're reading

  1. Dave Gerhardt tells a story of how they got Drift in The New York Times and how the principles that got them there can be extended past PR to Marketing, copywriting, and cold outreach 📰
    Behind The Scenes: How We Got Drift Into The New York Times — 6 minutes
  2. David Skok, along with The Bridge Group, gathered an extensive amount of data on the role of the Account Executive to use as a benchmark to compare your sales numbers against. How do you stack up?
    Bridge Group 2017 SaaS AE Metrics Report — 10 minutes
  3. Scott Britton does a plain English walkthrough of what a Sales Operations person does, what their goals are, and when they should be hired. 
    Demystifying the Role of Sales Operations — 7 minutes
  4. Joanna Wiebe explains that a poor demo will result with BS objections 💩 Your demo is a sales conversation, so the goal is to create a vision of what benefit comes from your product, and how they can achieve it. 
    Everything I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Demoing SaaS — 15 minutes
  5. Kevin Kononenko writes about the importance of the value proposition you choose to put on the main page of your website and encourages you to take the route of using data to determine what that first impression should be rather than a gut feeling.
    Discover Your Product’s Most Compelling Value Proposition Within 72 Hours — 9 minutes
  6. William Wickey talks with Sales expert, Jill Rowley, about the benefits of social selling.
    Social Selling Metrics, Methods, and Myths | Jill Rowley — 8 minutes
  7. Jared Sleeper encourages startups to avoid the mistake of calculating metrics – like LTV:CAC – too soon, and how to use it once you're at the right size 👍
    Why early-stage startups should wait to calculate LTV:CAC — 8 minutes

Meme of the week

Amelia Earhart ... the name rings a bell, doesn't it? The first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean that vanished (and was presumed dead) in 1937 on a flight around the globe. 

Big news this week is that Amelia may have actually survived 😳

This newly discovered photograph suggests that she survived the crash-landing in the Marshall Islands, and from there was taken into Japanese custody. 

To learn more on the story, go here.

To learn even more, check out The History Channel's special, Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence, airing tonight. 

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