ICYMI: July 23, 2017

What we wrote

We've got some big news 🎉

FunnelCake Announces Growth Calculator – A New SaaS Solution for Predictable Revenue Growth
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What we're reading

  1. Mike Nelson updates us with email design trends and how things have changed since 2016 #EmailGeeks4Ever. 
    Email Design Trends of 2017 (so far) — 9 minutes
  2. Julia Chen explains how CRM tools have a huge challenge when it comes to onboarding new customers, but by lowering cognitive overhead, the onboarding process (and the product) can take off. 
    Getting Past the Empty State: How 5 Popular CRM Tools Onboard Users — 9 minutes
  3. Debbie Qaqish put together a RevOps Maturity Model that will have you moving from functional Operation silos to a customer-centric Revenue Operations model. 
    The Five Stages of Maturity In Customer-Centric Revenue Operations — 7 minutes
  4. Barbara Giamanco talks with Mary Ford about Sales Ops; the definition, becoming an Ops rock star, and where the future is heading. 
    How To Be A Sales Ops Rockstar — 25-minute podcast 🔊
  5. Chris Orlob explains how internet marketing has evolved from a "black art" to measurable in every way and how some of those principles can be applied to sales conversion effectiveness. 
    Will Technology Reduce Sales Conversations to an Exact Science? — 5 minutes
  6. Brian Carroll tackles the complicated topic of Marketing and Sales collaboration in respect to lead generation. 
    Who should own lead generation for a complex sale? — 9 minutes
  7. Dave Kellogg defines the unique term called "rolling hairballs", explains how to detect them, and answers how to eliminate them from your pipeline. 
    Detecting and Eliminating the Rolling Hairballs in your Sales Pipeline — 3 minutes

Meme of the week

Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) in 1997:


And this is him now:


The internet had fun with this one, but all we have to say is well done Mr.Bezos, well done 👏 

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