ICYMI: July 1, 2018

Since either you're on holidays or half the people you work with are on holidays this week, here's some reading you can do to pass the time:

What we wrote

Building an Enablement Team from Scratch: Where Do You Start?

The one and only Nikki Curtis, Head of Sales Enablement at Slack, joined us to chat about building a team from scratch at a company in the midst of hyper growth.

What we're reading

  1. Tomasz Tunguz teaches us a lesson about how to look at the jobs and projects we have on the go. The lookout we have can be the difference between laying bricks and building a cathedral. 
    The Three Layers Of Management
    3 minutes
  2. Michael Redbord clearly lays out what to do and what not to do in your customer success strategy at every life stage of your company. 
    How Your SaaS Company Should Be Thinking About Customer Success 
    8 minutes
  3. Steli Efti talks to his many successes and failures as a serial entrepreneur. He also gets into his learnings about the psychology, habits, and skills of being a founder. 
    The Path to Improving as a Founder and Generating Millions in Revenue with Steli Efti of Close.io
    1 hour 23 minutes (podcast)
  4. Adam Henshall recommends 9 user onboarding tools and encourages anyone building out an onboarding process to test, test, and test some more. 
    9 User Onboarding Tools to Smash Your Revenue Targets 
    14 minutes
  5. Neil Patel gives a full walkthrough of the SaaS conversion funnel, how to optimize it, and uncovers some essential steps you may be missing. 
    Are You Optimizing Your SaaS Conversion Funnel? Don’t Forget These Essential Steps
    12 minutes
  6. Aja Frost dissects and explains how to overcome a sales objection every salesperson has run into at one time or another – "It costs too much."
    33 Responses to the Dreaded Sales Objection "It Costs Too Much" 
    8 minutes
  7. Marketing Charts surveyed 500 B2B buyers and shares some interesting insights from the results about how sellers are connecting with buyers in today's landscape. 
    Are B2B Sales Reps Connecting With Buyers? 5 Insights 
    5 minutes
  8. Kristen Herhold has done her research, looked at the numbers, and presents us with the state of email marketing 2018. 
    The State of Email Marketing in 2018 
    9 minutes
  9. Babar Suleman explains what conversion wireframing is and how to use it to create a revenue oriented design process. 
    Conversion Wireframing: A Revenue Oriented Design Process 
    7 minutes
  10. Andy Mura explains the importance of having a well-defined customer success playbook and what battle-tested tactics you can use within it. 
    Customer Success Tactics That Lead to Hyper Growth 
    15 minutes

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