ICYMI: February 25, 2018

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Marko Savic joined an impressive crew of seasoned sales experts, practitioners, and thought leaders to explore the future of sales and consider how forward-thinking teams can win the market in 2018.
The Future of Sales: Insights for the Best Sales Teams In the Galaxy by Lessonly

What we're reading

  1. Steli Efti explains what to do when your customers ask for a discount. Short answer: don't give in, but if you do, do it in the right way. 
    What to do when your customers ask for a discount (and why you shouldn’t give them one) — 8 minutes
  2. Tomasz Tunguz explains how to hang on to your key startup employees through the use of stock options. 
    How To Use Options To Retain Key Employees In Your Startup — 4 minutes
  3. Karl Clement gives some helpful advice when it comes to scaling your SaaS business.
    Knowing When To Scale — 5 minutes
  4. Sonja Jacob writes about getting Sales and Marketing aligned through revenue and to use tech to make it happen. 
    Marketers Are Drowning in Metrics: Here’s How Revenue Marketing Can Help — 5 minutes
  5. Dave Kellogg uncovers a big myth about management by objective and objective key results that will have you thinking about the entire job scope next time your discussing objectives. 
    The Single Biggest Myth about MBOs and OKRs — 3 minutes
  6. David Lynch talks about the dilemmas product engineers face when it comes to progress over perfection and speed over safety, and that there's a certain level of uncertainty that exists in these dilemmas ... uncertainty that should be embraced. 
    Move fast and optimize for the long-term — 8 minutes
  7. Dan Tighe makes an argument for aligning Sales and Marketing, and it's through content marketing and provides a helpful infographic to get the point across. 
    Why Your Sales Team Really Should Invest Time in Content Marketing — 4 minutes

Meme of the week

As the PyeongChang Olympics continue, young athletes – coming from the millennial generation – continue to perform and put on an impressive show. Red Gerard, born in 2000, may have won the most millennial gold medal ever ... just take a look at the highlights that led to, and followed, his Olympic win:

  • Binge watched Netflix the night before competition
  • Overslept and almost missed the finals
  • Lost his jacket so had to borrow his roommates
  • Won the gold medal in slopestlye snowboarding
  • Dropped an f-bomb on live TV

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