ICYMI: December 3, 2017

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What we're reading

  1. Nudge starts a series to give an in-depth look into the buying process from 12 different expert perspectives – the first features the CMO of MongoDB, Meagen Eisenberg. 
    #HowIBuy – Volume 1 — 5 minutes
  2. Ada Chen Rekhi shares a few key learnings she's experienced in her career that helped her climb the corporate ladder – one of which is to eat your broccoli. 
    How I Went from Entry Level Sales to SVP Marketing at SurveyMonkey in 8 years — 11 minutes
  3. First Round Review looks at expert advice from those who helped build impressive brands including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Gusto about the important foundational pieces that build a brand.  
    Our 6 Must Reads to Build a Brand That Breaks Through the Noise — 9 minutes
  4. Ben Wiener looks at the elusive goal of finding product-market fit and how making something people want is not enough, but rather something they desperately want. 
    Why is Product/Market Fit So Freaking Hard? — 3 minutes
  5. Brian Balfour walks through numerous cases where startups gain massive traction, raise huge amounts of capital, just to shut down a short time later, and how retention seems to be the silent killer in many of these cases. 
    Why Retention Is The Silent Killer — 12 minutes
  6. Kayli Barth analyzes the change we're seeing where Marketers are now focusing on more "engagement" metrics rather than form fills and click-rates. 
    B2B Marketers Step Up Shift From Activity Metrics To Identifying & Driving Engagement — 9 minutes
  7. Ann Smarty reminds us to always be keeping an eye on competitors in order to discover new tactics, gaps in the market, new leads, and to learn from the mistakes of others. Here's some way to track your competitors. 
    Competitor Research: 7 Key Metrics to Measure (with Tools) — 6 minutes

Meme of the week

Popular card game company – Cards Against Humanity – has because synonymous with outrageous holiday Marketing campaigns, and Christmas 2017 is no different releasing this tweet last week:

If you're wondering if this is for real, wonder no longer – it is. Prongles have replaced Cards Against Humanity card sets in retail stores across the nation. For how long? Who knows, but for now, go out and grab yourself some Original Prongles. Once You Pop... THAT'S GREAT!

Check out the Prongles website for yourself. 

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