ICYMI: August 20, 2017

What we wrote

It's hard to believe that we're just about 2/3's through the year – 2017 is flying by ✈️
Here are our top posts of the year (so far):

  1. Sales Ops with Kenny Goldman — 10 minutes
  2. What Does a CRO Do? With Mark Roberge — 13 minutes
  3. Joanna Wiebe on Writing Copy that Sells — 17 minutes

What we're reading

  1. Lance Jones and Joanna Wiebe put clever marketing vs. clear marketing messages to the test running three ad variations of the same service; one very clear, one looking to trigger an emotional response, and one clever one aimed to crack a smile. Check out which was most effective – you may be surprised 😮
    The Great Copy Debate: Clear Vs. Clever — 7 minutes
  2. Omidyar Network talked with Mandy Cole, former VP of Sales at Zenefits, about building a kickass Sales team and common mistakes many companies make along the way.
    The Playbook To Scaling Sales — 11 minutes
  3. Gokul Rajaram explains what the second most important metric is for companies. The first? NSM (North Star Metric), but Gokul pushes the importance of measuring your NSM's 'check metric' 🤔
    The second most important metric for every company — 3 minutes
  4. Erik Devaney shares learnings from top SaaS companies marketing strategies including things like demographics, tech stack, and content. 
    Analyzing Marketing Strategies of the Top 100 SaaS Companies — 2 minutes
  5. Daniel Debow talks about how it's ok – encourages even – to piss people off 😡 – but to do it in the right way. 
    Piss people off (but only at the right time) — 7 minutes
  6. Ayaz Nanji shows some great sales cadence benchmarks – number of attempts, word count, and cadence duration all included. How does your team stack up?
    Sales Cadence Benchmarks: How Often Reps Contact Leads — 2 minutes
  7. Vincent Vo has more sales benchmarks for us, but this time for pipeline. 
    Sales Pipeline Benchmarks to Supercharge your Competitive Edge — 6 minutes

Meme of the week

If you haven't heard, there's a solar eclipse tomorrow (Monday). If you're lucky enough to live along the path below, you'll have the chance to see the Total Solar Eclipse. Don't worry if you're not – you'll have a partial view (still very cool).

If you haven't bought special eclipse glasses yet, it's too late, they're sold out everywhere – something myself and the FunnelCake team learned earlier this week. Anyways, here's a DIY option.

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