ICYMI: April 8, 2018

What we wrote

Tim Hughes, Co-Founder at Digital Leadership Associates and someone who knows a thing or two about social (200K+ Twitter followers), joined us to talk social trends, strategy, and tactics. 

"People think that social selling means that you have to sell over social. It’s not."

Tim Hughes on Social Transformation and Selling — 14-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Steli Efti breaks down the difference between an inside sales team and an outside sales team, something important to understand if you're building a sales team or recruiting talent. 
    Inside sales vs. outside sales: What's the actual difference? — 7 minutes
  2. Jory MacKay encourages businesses to make sure that fixing leaks in your funnel remains a priority while you're in growth mode, or you'll become the captain of a sinking ship. 
    How the teams at Buffer, Zapier, Close.io, and more plugged their biggest revenue leaks — 13 minutes
  3. Jason Lemkin gives his advice on how to break into a crowded space, as well as some ways that you should avoid. 
    5 Ways to Enter a Crowded Market. And 3+ Ways Not To. — 4 minutes
  4. Dave Kellogg is surprised by the lack of alignment between CEOs and board members when it comes to one thing: what success looks like. It's a simple question that can spark quite the conversation and debate. 
    The Question that CEOs Too Often Don’t Discuss with the Board — 4 minutes
  5. Brooke Goodbary explains why you need a dedicated Customer Success team, how many you should have, and what skills to look for in hiring. 
    When and How to Make Your First Customer Success Hire — 6 minutes
  6. John Cutler digs into the interesting topic of the opportunity cost of decision making, and all the factors that play into the cost of making decisions that you likely don't think about. 
    Cost Per Reasonable Decision (CPRD) — 7 minutes
  7. Tomasz Tunguz writes about Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and how unclear ICPs can be problematic, but clear ones can be too ... the key is having an ICP that is easy to identify with lead generation tools. 
    An Often Forgotten Characteristic About Your Startup's Ideal Customer Profile — 3 minutes

Meme of the week

This week's meme is a clip that has gone viral of a young boy named Mason Ramsey, or better known on the internet as "yodeling Walmart boy". Take a look at the full story, original video, and extra internet hilarity here


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