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ICYMI: February 17, 2019

What we’re doing

Conversion Rates Webinar – Recording Now Available

Conversion rates can be confusing – how do you calculate win rates? What about skipping stages or changing Salesforce? How do you compare your funnel model to your Salesforce stages?

We got nerdy and broke down the math, the gotchas, and how to use them to identify predictability and roadblocks in business.

What we’re reading

  1. Taru Bhargava takes the lessons she learned from Marie Kondo about decluttering to B2B content creation. Create content that sparks joy.
    What Marie Kondo Can Teach B2B Companies About Content Creation — 10 minutes

  2. Anna Talerico talks to all the trickle-down effects that come from revenue churn when early-stage companies focus too much on new customer growth and not enough on the current customer base. Also, great article title.
    Get Off The SaaS Growth Treadmill: Avoid Revenue Churn and Burn — 3 minutes

  3. Julia McCoy explains why she thinks the focus will be on the buyers lifecycle, and not the sales funnel, for 2019.
    Why 2019 Marketing Will be About Lifecycles, Not Sales Funnels — 4 minutes

  4. Dann Albright looks at a survey they did identifying what components are most important for sales and marketing alignment, and tips to help you achieve each one.
    2-5x Your Revenue With These 9 Sales & Marketing Alignment Steps — 6 minutes

  5. Olivia Ross writes an in-depth piece about how to optimize conversion with things like blogging, CTAs, and email from ToFu to BoFu.
    How to Optimize Your Conversion Funnel, from ToFu to BoFu — 12 minutes

  6. Ilya Azovtsev explains, analyzes, and breaks down every component of a sales email to give his tips and advice on how to continuously improve your emails.
    Best sales emails: Track, Analyze, Improve, Repeat — 8 minutes

  7. Cassie Wiley put together a great step-by-step guide on how to use remarketing to improve your conversion rates.
    Increase Conversion Rate By Remarketing: A Step-by-Step Guide — 7 minutes

Meme of the week

As of Wednesday, NASA Mars rover Opportunity, or “Oppy”, has passed away. It started as a 90-day mission, but turned into a 15-year adventure. Oppy meant a lot to a lot of people … just check out some of the messages in this article.

What makes this story especially heartbreaking, is that the Mars rover’s last words were, “my battery is low and it is getting dark.”

And if that doesn’t make you tear up, maybe knowing that Oppy sang happy birthday to himself every year – alone – will.

Godspeed Oppy.

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ICYMI: November 4, 2018

What we wrote

FunnelCake is hosting a webinar!

Join us on November 9th to learn how to identify common process issues and red flags in your CRM data to create coaching moments with your team.

Register Now: Sales Pipeline Inspection Webinar

What we’re reading

  1. Scott Brinker explains the funny (and frustrating) truth that modern businesses aren’t changing fast enough to keep up with technology.
    The funny and frustrating truth: organizations change more slowly than technology — 3 minutes

  2. Eric Seufert examines the “leaky bucket” problem and why product teams might want to spend less time on early-stage optimization and more time on the later stages.
    Optimizing growth: the “leaky bucket” isn’t an early-stage retention problem — 4 minutes

  3. Natalie Koltun takes a look back at some of the biggest marketing campaigns. From IHOb to jurassic sized deliveries from Amazon, these campaigns made some noise in Q2.
    11 marketing campaigns that made a splash in Q2 2018 — 5 minutes

  4. Sinead McSweeney put together a list of practical best practices to help your sales and marketing teams get aligned.
    10 sales and marketing alignment best practices — 8 minutes

  5. Daniel Burstein looks at some of the biggest technology challenges when it comes to marketing, and to not forget why we invest so much in tech – for the customer!
    MarTech Chart: Biggest technology innovation challenges — 5 minutes

Meme of the week

YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2018

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ICYMI: July 1, 2018

Since you're either on holidays or everyone you work with is on holidays this week, here's some reading you can do to pass the time:

What we're reading

  1.  Babar Suleman explains what conversion wireframing is and how to use it to create a revenue oriented design process. 
    Conversion Wireframing: A Revenue Oriented Design Process — 7 minutes

  2. Steli Efti talks to his many successes and failures as a serial entrepreneur and gets into what he's learned about the psychology, habits, and skills of being a founder. 
    The Path to Improving as a Founder and Generating Millions in Revenue with Steli Efti of — 1 hour 23 minutes (podcast)

  3. Adam Henshall recommends 9 user onboarding tools and encourages anyone building out an onboarding process to test, test, and test some more. 
    9 User Onboarding Tools to Smash Your Revenue Targets — 14 minutes

  4. Neil Patel gives a full walkthrough of the SaaS conversion funnel, how to optimize it, and uncovers some essential steps you may be missing. 
    Are You Optimizing Your SaaS Conversion Funnel? Don’t Forget These Essential Steps — 12 minutes

  5. Aja Frost dissects and explains how to overcome a sales objection every salesperson has run into: "It costs too much."
    33 Responses to the Dreaded Sales Objection "It Costs Too Much" — 8 minutes

  6. Marketing Charts surveyed 500 B2B buyers to share some interesting insights about how sellers are connecting with buyers in today's landscape. 
    Are B2B Sales Reps Connecting With Buyers? 5 Insights — 5 minutes

  7. Kristen Herhold has done her research, looked at the numbers, and presents us with the state of email marketing 2018. 
    The State of Email Marketing in 2018 — 9 minutes

  8. Andy Mura explains the importance of having a well-defined customer success playbook and what battle-tested tactics you can use within it. 
    Customer Success Tactics That Lead to Hyper Growth — 15 minutes

  9. Tomasz Tunguz teaches us a lesson about how to look at the jobs and projects we have on the go because your lookout on things can be the difference between laying bricks and building a cathedral. 
    The Three Layers Of Management — 3 minutes

  10. Michael Redbord clearly lays out what to do, and what not to do, in your customer success strategy at every life stage of your company. 
    How Your SaaS Company Should Be Thinking About Customer Success — 8 minutes

Meme of the week

Whenever a #challenge starts to go viral on the internet, it's always fun. The #fluffchallenge is no different – take a look

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ICYMI: May 4, 2018

FunnelCake Wins The First Ever Canadian Dreampitch at Salesforce World Tour

Yesterday Marko Savic, Founder and CEO at FunnelCake, took the stage at Salesforce's Dreampitch competition for the opportunity at a $100K investment from Salesforce Ventures and good news – we won 🎉

What we wrote

Curt Crosby, Partner at Velas Coaching, joined us to chat about the difference between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement.

We also discuss characteristics that make for great leaders, negative traits that leaders need to eliminate, and (of course) Curt's favorite '90s dance song. 

The Difference Between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement — 9-minute read

What we're reading

1. Sonja Jacob highlights some truly shocking numbers out of Drift's Lead Response Survey. Here are a few:

  • B2B digital ad buyers are on track to spend $4.6B to tell people about their product and drive people back to their website/blog.

  • The average response time for B2B companies that bothered to reply at all is 42 hours.

  • More than half of B2B companies still aren’t following up with leads–at all.

The Drift Lead Response Report — 8 minutes

2. Lauren McMenemy talks with marketing leaders about the balancing act they have to deal with of creating creative marketing campaigns while proving ROI and generating leads. 
Balancing Art and Science: The Modern CMO’s Experience in Driving Revenue — 10 minutes

3. Jeff Hoffman put together a list of mistakes to avoid when closing deals. 
17 Sales Closing Mistakes That’ll Stop a Deal in Its Tracks — 8 minutes

4. Tomasz Tunguz explains why we tend to overestimate our own work and don't necessarily give others as much credit as they might deserve, and how things like daily standups, weekly handoffs, and QBRs will shine light on everyone's contributions. 
Why I Overestimate My Contribution To My Team — 3 minutes

5. Steli Efti takes on the interesting task of tearing down cold email and lists some actionable take-aways you can use when creating your cold emails. 
Cold email teardown session from Enterprise Rising — 37 minutes (video)

6. Jaxson Khan talks with Brandon Redlinger about what you need to understand before going too deep with your Account Based Marketing (and Sales) strategy. 
Four Basics You Must Understand To Be Successful with ABM — 5 minutes

7. Raluca Popescu summarizes Paul Rouke's in-depth presentation on CRO strategy using a number of case study examples and how embracing a growth mindset can pay big dividends with conversion optimization. 
The four pillars of CRO strategy by Paul Rouke — 7 minutes

Meme of the week

It's May 4th ... you know what the meme of the week has to be - Happy Star Wars Day 

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