ICYMI: June 3, 2018

What we wrote

Kia Puhm, Founder and CEO at K!A CX Consulting, is the latest to join us on the expert interview series. We chat about the kind of impact Customer Success can have on the buyers journey, how early in the process they should get involved, and what tools are essential to have. 
The Impact of Customer Success Before The Sale — 12-minute read

What we're reading

Seth Godin explains how coordination, learning, and ramp time are increased when working in small teams. 
Big crew/little crew — 2 minutes

Barron Caster lays out his 7 favorite tools and how to properly use them – complete with specific examples of how they helped improve his business.
Growth Tools 101 (with 6 conversion examples and real numbers) — 12 minutes

Aleksey Chepalov and his team analyzed dozens of product tours and shares what they've learned about what the greats do to onboard new customers.
SaaS Product Tour Trends: How Great Companies Onboard Users in 2018 — 10 minutes

Dave Kellogg explains how to talk about your competitors with people outside your company – like analysts and investors. 
Talking Competition: Methinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much. — 5 minutes

Faisal Hoque gives his advice on how to experiment and research your path towards a repeatable sales model. 
How To Make B2B Sales Sustainable — 5 minutes

Jason McPherson digs into the question of whether having a good culture and happy employees leads to a proven increase in ROI. 
The ROI of employee engagement and culture — 6 minutes

Steve Woods talks with Lauren Costella about how she acts as a buyer that will make you think differently about the customer experience you're currently running. 
How I Buy – Lauren Costella — 10 minutes

Meme of the week

Enjoy this video of a mother leaving a video to her son about how to use the laundry machine before she leaves for the weekend. 

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