ICYMI: March 11, 2018

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Jenny Coupe, Senior Director of Americas Marketing at Akamai, joined us for an expert interview about applying years of startup experience in her new enterprise role. She talks about the differences (and similarities) from startup to enterprise, changes in technology, and team alignment with Sales and Marketing. 

"Today, for Marketing there’s nowhere to hide, which for me as a marketer, I love."

Applying Sales & Marketing Startup Experience to Enterprise w/ Jenny Coupe — 10-minute read

What we're reading

Mark Roberge talks about a common mistake in sales, a mistake that isn't fixed by knowing more about the product, but more about the customer, showing empathy, and knowing how to ask the right questions.  
The Key To Asking Better Sales Questions Is Empathy — 7 minutes

Tomasz Tunguz explains the importance of having a strong understanding of why your sales team is losing deals. Aside from competition, look at the reasons you're losing and make sure you're qualifying those deals out of the funnel early so your funnel is more efficient and your team earns more. 
Why Does Your Sales Team Lose Deals? — 3 minutes

Rand Fishkin is moving on from Moz, and starting his journey at SparkToro. He reflects on his time at Moz, let's us know what's next, and gives us some tidbits of advice from his run at Moz. 
My Last Day at Moz. My First Day at SparkToro. — 6 minutes

SaaStock talks with Kyle Poyal, a pricing and growth nerd, about being data-driven when it comes to pricing, how to talk with customers about price, and the impacts of price increases. 
How to get SaaS pricing right with Kyle Poyar, OpenView — 3 minutes or 31 minute podcast

Gregg Johnson just went through his first full financial planning process and shares the lessons he learned as well as the things he'll change next time around. 
5 Tips for SaaS Financial Planning from a First-Time CEO — 7 minutes

Cristofer Jeschke does a great job at explaining when we should focus on the product feature vs. the customer benefit. There's a place for both, but deciding when to focus on one over the other is key. 
When to Talk Features vs. When to Talk Benefits — 5 minutes

Matt Blumberg explores an interesting quote he recently heard from an investor:

"No one will ever thank us for keeping our prices low.”

He goes on to say that overall, it's something to remember because high prices are rarely going to chase someone away in a B2B. 
No One Will Ever Thank You for Keeping Prices Low — 4 minutes

Meme of the week

This past week, Jennifer Wright – or @JenAshleyWright – asked her Twitter followers, "What’s the weirdest thing you remember misunderstanding as a kid?"

The results? Pretty funny, and way too relatable. Find them here

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