ICYMI: Dec 16, 2018

ICYMI: Christmas Edition

What we wrote

Last week we had a webinar on Lead Response Management led by Mike Griebenow with special guest, Mercedes Geimer, that had a lot of great takeaways:

  1. What is a lead? (sounds like an easy question, but is it?)

  2. Handoff best practices between teams

  3. Key metrics to track

  4. Nurturing, recycling, and disqualifying leads

  5. Optimizing Salesforce for your model

Check out the recording here

What we’re reading

  1. Tomasz Tunguz asks (and answers) the question: if you have one marketing dollar to spend on your startup’s growth, should you spend it on acquiring a new customer or on expanding an existing customer?
    New Account Growth or Account Expansion? — 2 minutes

  2. Dave Kellogg explores the topic of the ever so controversial “quota club”. Should you have one? Have much to spend on it? And a bunch of other questions you probably didn’t think about that play a key part in the success or epic failure of the program.
    Should Your Startup Have a Quota Club? — 5 minutes

  3. Allie Decker shows how to add a little more oomph into your marketing and advertising efforts with images.
    The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Marketing — 12 minutes

  4. Benton Nilson explains how the sales velocity metric is the single best metric to benchmark growth.
    Why Sales Velocity is the Ultimate Marketing-Sales Alignment Metric — 6 minutes

  5. Joel York identifies and explains 5 startup scaling problems and how to overcome them with execution.
    Startup Scaling | Overcoming 5 Key Operational Challenges — 9 minutes

Meme of the week

We are in prime Christmas movie season, people. We want to know … what Christmas movie is on your “must watchlist” each year? Here’s a hint from one of ours :)


Happy movie watching to everyone!

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