ICYMI: January 28, 2018

What we wrote

Wynne Brown, Director of Customer Success at Seal Software, joined us to talk about the relationship between Sales and Customer Success. She explains what the current state of the relationship looks like, common issues between the two teams, the handoff process, and much more. 
The Relationship Between Sales and Customer Success with Wynne Brown — 11-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Dave Kellogg shares 10 quick non-obvious things about scaling SaaS including focusing on ARR, how to analyze churn, and whether or not to make multi-year deals, 
    10 Non-Obvious Things About Scaling SaaS — 4 minutes
  2. Steli Efti gives some advice when it comes to dealing with investors: stop worrying about whether investors like you. Instead, decide whether you like investors.
    Investors turn founders into insecure little teenagers — 9 minutes
  3. Mike Reynolds uses Slack as an example to show how B2B SaaS Sales is shifting to B2U (Business-to-User) and what adjustments you should make to get started. 
    The Future of B2B Software is B2U — 7 minutes
  4. McKinsey & Company points out the emergence of the "science of B2B sales" that have companies pulling ahead in revenue growth, profitability, and shareholder value.
    What the future science of B2B sales growth looks like — 8 minutes
  5. Colby Cavanaugh looked at the best emails from 2017, how to implement them in your communications, and gives a few ideas to take into this new year. 
    What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Some of 2017's Best Emails — 5 minutes
  6. Steve Benson explains how being a good manager means you need to be a good coach, and how some small changes can take your team to the next level. 
    How to Coach a B2B Sales Team to Win Bigger and Better Deals — 14 minutes
  7. Tomasz Tunguz summarizes the pricing frameworks and theories he's seen over his career of investing in startups. 
    Ten Year's Worth Of Learnings About Pricing — 6 minutes

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