ICYMI: January 14, 2018

What we wrote

Alex Simoes, Senior Director of Business Enablement at Sysco LABS, joined us to chat about Sales Enablement Strategy.

Find out when to make that first hire into an Enablement role, essential tools for an effective strategy, and where Enablement should live in your company. 
12 minute read

What we're reading

  1. Tomasz Tunguz makes seven predictions about SaaS in 2018. How many do you agree with?
    7 Predictions For SaaS In 2018
    3 minutes
  2. Scott Brinker looks at Gartner's hype cycle and points out the one thing people forget about.
    The one thing everybody forgets about Gartner’s hype cycle, even in martech
    5 minutes
  3. Ben Tacka preaches a underpromise/overdeliver mentality when it comes to pre-sale and post-sale to reduce churn. 
    To Reduce Churn Risk, Start Pre-Sale
    3 minutes
  4. Dave Rigotti shares a study showing some interesting salary benchmarks for Marketing Operations. 
    Unveiling the First Salary Benchmarks Report for Marketing Operations
    7 minutes
  5. McKinsey & Company takes an in-depth look at the emergence of new science in B2B Marketing and Sales.
    What the future science of B2B sales growth looks like
    12 minutes
  6. Tim Kopp looks at the role of Marketing and how their main goal should be to help Sales hit their goals, rather than all the ancillary things that don't allow you see the forest from the trees. 
    Marketing as an Accountable Revenue Function
    6 minutes
  7. Erik Devaney looks at five key pieces of advice from Price Intelligently's CEO–and very smart guy–Patrick Campbell
    5 Secrets From Price Intelligently’s CEO You Can’t Afford to Miss
    6 minutes or listen as a podcast

Meme of the week

Just because it's already January 14, doesn't mean that you can't still make new year resolutions. In honor of this being the first ICYMI edition of 2018, here are 10 "no-brainer" resolution ideas

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