ICYMI: September 10, 2017

What we wrote

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Mastering Growth P2P #3: Using Martech to Close The Sales & Marketing Gap
When: September 15th
Where: Toronto, Ontario

CMO Inflect
When: September 21
Where: Mountain View, California

Guest post: Nis Frome, co-founder of Alpha, wrote a brilliant piece on our blog about how partnering content teams directly with sales can have a significant impact on revenue. 
Content Teams Can Drive Sales by First Empowering Salespeople — 7-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Tomasz Tunguz walks through the design of a successful sales compensation plan and explains how to create the right one for you and your sales structure. 
    The Theory And Data Underpinning Sales Commission Plans — 3 minutes
  2. David Premier offers advice on writing cold outreach that will have you rethinking the way you're doing it today. 
    Salespeople: Here’s How to Get Prospects to Pay Attention to Your Outreach — 7 minutes
  3. Jen Grant presents some key metrics you should be tracking, and to keep in mind that shouldn't only focus on Marketing metrics, but those that truly drive your business forward. 
    The Four Most Important Metrics for Any Business — 7 minutes
  4. Michel Feaster shares a story of how Usermind was created and how digging deep into your industry to find the most painful changes and connecting the dots is the key to creating (and owning) a new category of software.
    Creating a Enterprise Software Category — and Owning It — 5 minutes
  5. Ryan Law and Emily Smith looked at the top 250 most successful SaaS companies to create The State of SaaS Content Marketing 2017. There's a number of great stats in here worth checking out. 
    The State of SaaS Content Marketing 2017 — 12 minutes
  6. Brian Trautschold writes a piece centered around the role of SDR ... the most overlooked, misunderstood, and mistreated role in B2B Sales organizations. 
    Most SDRs Fail or Burn Out. Here's How to Fix That — 7 minutes
  7. Tracy Eiler talks with The Pedowitz Group about what it means to be a "T-shaped" marketer, where you should focus efforts in the funnel, and specific changes to make within your organization to get Sales and Marketing better aligned. 
    CMO Insights: Tracy Eiler, Chief Marketing Officer, InsideView — 15-minute video

Meme of the week

For this week, the headline says it all:

"Delta Airlines plane flies straight into Hurricane Irma – and out again"

Full story here.

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