ICYMI: September 24, 2017

What we wrote

Pam Hege, the Managing Partner at Revenue Influencers, joined us to talk about the Lead-to-Revenue Process.

"A successful lead-to-revenue process requires continuous flow and 360-degree visibility."

The Lead-to-Revenue Management Process with Pam Hege — 14-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Benjamin Brandall gives an idea of what top SaaS companies like Salesforce, New Relic, and Hubspot do to chase big deals.
    We Analyzed 1,000 Emails & VMs to Understand How the Top SaaS Companies Chase Enterprise Deals — 3 minutes
  2. Leyla Acaroglu explains the different concepts of system thinking and what the tools are needed to develop and advance a systems mindset for dealing with complex problem-solving.
    Tools for Systems Thinkers: The 6 Fundamental Concepts of Systems Thinking — 9 minutes
  3. Steve Woods talks with Jay Hedges about their differing views on how executives go about buying. This is worth checking out.
    How I Buy - Jay Hedges, SVP Revenue, Uberflip — 5 minutes
  4. Justin Withers looks at the reasons why most B2B buyers don't trust salespeople (apparently there's a lot) and how to overcome them.
    The B2B Buyer Persona: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer — 8 minutes
  5. Brian Balfour walks through the HubSpot Sales Product framework that laid the foundation towards a goal of $100M.
    Building a Growth Framework Towards a $100 Million Product — 13 minutes

Meme of the week

This short little clip made everyone in our office laugh – so I'll pass it on to you. 

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