ICYMI: August 7, 2017

What we wrote

We interviewed Amrita Mathur, VP of Demand Gen and Marketing Operations at Top Hat, about Lead Lifecycle Management. 

"There are only two things a Marketer should be focusing on: opening the funnel or fixing it."

Lead Lifecycle Management with Amrita Mathur — 17-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Tomasz Tunguz looks at the two different methods of building a Sales team: top down or bottoms up.
    Comparing Two Ways To Build A SaaS Sales Team — 3 minutes
  2. Monika Götzmann gives some key tips to help improve sales team performance and increase revenue through Sales Enablement. 
    4 Tips To Make Your Sales Enablement Strategy More Effective — 5 minutes
  3. Mark Cox points out eight mistakes you could be making while demoing that could indicate you're a demo "rookie". 
    8 Software Demo Mistakes that Scream ‘Rookie’ — 8 minutes
  4. BrightFunnel talks about Marketing Attribution – from basics to in-depth – and how if deployed correctly it can help to unify Sales and Marketing. 
    Marketing Attribution | From Novice to Knowledgeable in Seven Minutes
  5. Courtney Buchanan explains why sales people and marketers should take some notes from data scientists in order to know the right accounts, content, and pain points to focus on in the buyer's process. 
    Why Sales and Marketing Teams Should Think Like Data Scientists — 5 minutes
  6. Hila Segal writes how Sales Managers aren't just Sales Managers ... they're also expected to be mind readers, detectives, and cat wranglers. 
    “Dammit Jim, I’m a sales manager, not a mind reader” — 5 minutes
  7. Christopher Ryan points out some of the biggest barriers to Sales and Marketing Alignment; like communication, broken processes, and metrics, and what the teams can do to ensure alignment. 
    How Marketing and Sales Can Achieve the Alignment Imperative — 6 minutes

Meme of the week

Boeing 787-8 took off on a 17-hour test flight on Wednesday of last week and took an interesting flight path. Take a look for yourself

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