ICYMI: May 15, 2017

What we wrote

Marko Savic had an insightful chat with Kenny Goldman from Helpful.com about Sales Ops.

"As Sales Ops, it was my job to turn our sales team into a sales machine."

They discuss when to hire Sales Ops, what to look for in a first hire, and common challenges you'll run into. 
Sales Ops with Kenny Goldman — 10-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Steve Woods writes about the path we've taken to achieve "Sales and Marketing alignment" and how it's not really working. The solution? Moving beyond the single-point handoff. 
    Sales and Marketing Alignment; It’s Broken and our Current Path Won’t Fix It — 4 minutes
  2. Krista Caldwell writes a 5-step guide that will help define Salesforce opportunity stages allowing reps to prioritize workflows and sales managers to have better pipeline visibility. 
    5 Steps To Defining Opportunity Stages in Salesforce — 3 minutes
  3. Mark Emmons contemplates whether Revenue Operations is the real deal or just a fad. What's your take?
    Sales Ops + Marketing Ops = Revenue Ops — 4 minutes
  4. Jason Lemkin explains why when you're ready to hire your first sales rep, hire two (because you need at least two to learn.) 
    When You Hire Your First Sales Rep — Just Make Sure You Hire Two — 3 minutes
  5. Craig Hanson shares some key takeaways he learned from industry experts about scaling sales past 100M. 
    Top Sales Lessons Learned Scaling Past 100M: A Discussion with Atlassian, Zendesk, and Optimizely — 8 minutes
  6. David Skok identifies a third crucial startup skill: recruiting. This is the first post in an on-going series focusing on recruitment processes to find and sell passive candidates on your business. 
    Part 1: Top of the Funnel — Sourcing — 11 minutes
  7. Jennifer Dignum asks top sales experts what they consider to be the biggest faux pas in sales and marketing alignment. Their answers are interesting, check it out:
    Experts Share Biggest Faux Pas for Sales and Marketing Alignment — 2 minutes
  8. Laurie Fullerton delivers some fantastic metrics when it comes to MarTech tools. 
    B2B marketers seek more streamlined approach to marketing tools, cite the need to focus more on clients and customers — 4 minutes
  9. Debbie Qaqish explains where she believes Sales and Marketing Operations is heading along with the benefits that can come with it. 
    How is the rise of the sales and marketing ops (SMO) function impacting revenue? — 5 minutes
  10. First Round Review talks about the importance of a well-crafted sales plan, and they relate it to chocolate cake which is pretty great. 
    This Sales Plan Moves the Needle on Every Success Metric — 20 minutes

Meme of the week

We all remember Lil' Bow Wow, right? The cute little 13-year old hip-hop sensation from 2000.

Well, there's now something called the Bow Wow challenge, a social media challenge that has taken over similar to the mannequin challenge of 2016. 

You may ask, how did this start?

Bow Wow, like most of us, made the attempt to make his life look a little cooler than it actually was in a recent Instagram post. 

Too bad for Bow Wow, he was exposed by this Snapchat that started making it's way around showing him flying coach with the rest of us common folk:

The challenge: post a picture online showing something deceptively aspirational, followed by the reality of what it actually is and include #BowWowChallenge. 

For more on the story, and examples of the best #BowWowChallenge so far, go here.

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