ICYMI: April 30, 2017

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What we wrote

Marko Savic gathered with hundreds of fellow Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and MarTech pro's when he attended the TOPO Summit a couple weeks ago. Here's 5 things he learned:
Five things I learned at TOPO Summit — 6-minute read. 

Bruce McKenzie, a friend of ours from 2-Minute Explainer, wrote a piece for our blog on using video to create conversational content in an ABM strategy. 
Account-based marketing demands conversational content – 9 minutes

What we're reading

  1. Lena Shaw explains the current state of Sales and Marketing stacks with companies invested in a number of siloed tools and platforms, and how in 2017 we should be looking to trim down with "best of breed" tools that should lead to better efficiency through the funnel. 
    Making MarTech Consolidation Work for Your Business — 3 minutes
  2. Ayaz Nanji points out the top three Sales challenges of 2017; too much time on non-sales activities, finding the right assets to assist in their sale, and spending time with prospects and clients. 
    The Top Sales Challenges of 2017 — 2 minutes
  3. Jeff Epstein talks about one of his favorite things about running a startup ... watching his employees grow and rise through the ranks. 
    8 Ways To Fast Track Your Career As A Startup Employee — 3 minutes
  4. David Skok shares a simple model of a SaaS business and highlights what key levers a CEO can pull that will have the biggest impact on funnel optimization. 
    Optimizing the SaaS Funnel from Top to Bottom — 37 minute [video]
  5. Allison Pickens and Nick Mehta tag-team a brilliant article on strong revenue growth, not from the straight-and-narrow pipe, but the Helix. 
    The Chief Revenue Officer’s Guide to Customer Success — 8 minutes
  6. Jim Brodo explains something that almost all of us have experienced: marketing fatigue. You know, like when you download some content and in return your inbox and voicemail gets filled up. Jim includes five marketing strategy areas to reconsider in order to avoid giving your prospects marketing fatigue. 
    Your Buyers Are Experiencing Marketing Fatigue; Here's What to Do About It — 9 minutes
  7. Casey Renner talks with Joe Sexton about preparing a startup sales organizations for going public. Great tips in here about sales enablement, using a formula-driven approach to scaling, and that everything starts and ends with the customer.
    Preparing Your Sales Org to Go Public — 13 minutes
  8. Antoine Buteau suggests that we rethink the idea that extraverted salespeople are ideal, and to start looking for ambiverts (a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.)
    Rethinking the Extraverted Sales Ideal: The Ambivert Advantage —  4 minutes
  9. Nikky Hofland offers some tools you should consider when developing an effective customer feedback flow.
    How To set Up A Customer Feedback Flow That Works — 7 minutes
  10. Tomasz Tunguz tackles the tricky question of how to structure the compensation sales teams should get and how developing sales motions, customer success sophistication, and compensation structures to enable growth is a key area for a SaaS businesses. 
    How Much To Compensate SaaS Sales Teams — 4 minutes

Meme of the week

On Wednesday, Beyoncé shared a photo of herself pointing at a menu, and (as expected) the internet did it's thing and quickly repurposed it into a quality meme. 

So far, this one is our favorite:

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