ICYMI: March 5, 2017

What we wrote

This week we were lucky enough to talk with the amazingly talented Joanna Wiebe. She's Co-founder and Copywriter for Copy Hackers, as well as Co-founder and Head of Growth at a newer startup called Airstory

"Copy is your online salesperson."

If you agree with the statement above, which you should, give this one a read.

Joanna Wiebe on Writing Copy that Sells — 17-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Sophia Bernazzani writes about how La La Land — whoops, I'm so sorry, there's been a mistake — Moonlight! How Moonlight can teach us, marketers, important lessons about bold visuals, social proof, and storytelling. 
    What Marketers Can Learn from The Success of Moonlight — 8 minutes
  2. Nora Jenkins writes a piece to encourage the tech industry to start taking Human Resources a little more seriously so you can avoid mistakes of companies like Uber. 
    Tech: It’s Time To Grow Up About HR — 4 minutes
  3. Drift ran an experiment to measure the lead response rate of 433 B2B SaaS companies. How do you stack up?
    We Tested The Response Times Of 433 Sales Teams — 6 minutes
  4. Josh Nussbaum writes the fifth installment of a seven-part series focusing on disruption vs. enablement. Links to the first four are included. 
    Disruption vs. Enablement: New Products — 7 minutes
  5. Heidi Cohen asks if you know your audience as well as you know your best friend? If not, then you probably can't create the content they really want and need.  
    Content Marketing Audience: Do You Know Your Readers? — 12 minutes
  6. Myk Pono goes in-depth with a great piece on designing marketing campaigns and the importance of market segmentation. 
    How to Design Marketing Campaigns — 25 minute read
  7. Amrita Chandra shares her thoughts, notes, and experiences from being a part of an early-stage marketing team. 
    Building a marketing team from scratch — 7 minutes
  8. David Cummings contrasts the differences between "standard sales" and account-based sales. 
    Standard Sales vs Account-Based Sales — 3 minutes
  9. Justin Rosenstein pitches the importance of a roadmap and delivers this beautiful quote: "Without a clear plan, you might find yourself running a race without a route."
    How Roadmap Week helps us turn big ideas into reality — 6 minutes
  10. David Cancel made the realization that everyone falls along a spectrum with momentum-makers on one end and perfectionists at the other. Which one are you?
    Are You a Momentum-Maker or a Perfectionist? — 4 minutes

Meme of the week

Here's your daily dose of weirdness provided by this tribe of turkeys circling a deceased cat trying to... resurrect it? 

Apparently, it's actually a "predator inspection". See it all, here.

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