ICYMI: February 5, 2017

What we wrote

Marko Savic wrote a post about alternative facts in your funnel (don't worry, this isn't a post about politics.) This is a must read that will give you ideas about getting Sales and Marketing aligned using proven facts. 

"Reality only has one set of facts.
A Service Level Agreement (or SLA) binds Marketing and Sales to a shared reality."

Using an SLA to build Sales & Marketing alignment — 5-minute read

What we're reading

1. Nis Frome drops some wisdom from Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese war general and author of The Art of War. 

"The success of your startup is determined before you ship a single line of code.”

How An Ancient Chinese War General Would Run Your Startup Better — 10 minutes

2. Heidi Vandermeer gives some tips on how to move your ideal online visitor down the funnel by creating a purposeful path for engagement. 
How to Build a Path for Engagement Using a Content Hub — 3 minutes

3. Ulrik Bo Larsen takes what we've learned about how social learning fits into the modern customer journey in 2016 and explains how to take it a step further in 2017. 
Social Listening in 2017: The Next Frontier in Social Media — 4 minutes

4. Tomasz Tunguz gives his arguments on whether early-stage companies should focus on growth or churn with limited resources. 
Which To Prioritize - Churn Or Growth? — 3 minutes

5. Ada Chen Rekhi shares the advice she gives to startups about structuring a marketing organization and making initial hires. 
Anatomy of a Marketing Organization — 9 minutes

6. Randy Frisch writes the perfect article for Super Bowl Sunday relating Demand Gen to football.
4 Ways Demand Generation Marketing Is Like Football — 7 minutes

7. Ronell Smith gives permission to steal his daughter's effective outreach approach to getting to that 'yes' we're all looking for with cold outreach programs. 
Why You Should Steal My Daughter's Playbook for Effective Email Outreach — 7 minutes

8. Chris Brophy reminds you that your customers don't care about your product (or your competitors,) but rather the progress they will see from using your product. 
Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Product: They Care About Progress — 13 minutes

9. Wesley Young looks at a recent study on what SMBs find most challenging about purchasing a marketing tech. He goes on to suggest sales tips to capitalize on those challenges, dealing with competition, and how to gain trust. 
SMBs are overwhelmed with digital marketing choices — 9 minutes

10. Tomasz Tunguz leads a panel with Craig Kerstiens, Nisha Ahluwalia, and Kiyota Tamura to talk about their experiences building successful demand gen teams. 
[Video] Dive Into Demand Generation With Tomasz Tunguz — 39-minute video

Meme of the week

It's Super Bowl Sunday 🏈 🎉

Here’s the latest from Bad Lip Reading (you don’t have to be a football fan to find these clips hilarious.)


P.S. Rather see Bad Lip Reading of the inauguration of Donald Trump? See it here.

P.P.S What about Star Wars? Click here

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