ICYMI: February 19, 2017

What we wrote

We talked with Ron Tite, CEO of The Tite Group, about the creation of original content.

"In content marketing, distribution is just as important as creation." 

Ron is a hilarious guy, and a creative genius. We talk about his content creation process, how to slice-and-dice content to match up with the buyer's journey, and the importance of a content distribution strategy. 

Ron Tite on Creating Original Content — 11-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Sam DeBrule highlights four tactics to help build a high-performing SQL machine. If you understand the formula in the title, you should read this. If you don't you should also read this (but for different reasons.) 
    ICP + TAM = A Sales Qualified Lead Machine — 8 minutes
  2. Liz Cain gives her argument for why it may be a smart idea to consolidate your operations teams. Interesting read. 
    Business Ops is the New Sales and Marketing Ops — 5 minutes
  3. David Cohen (investor) gives some advice on how to (not) talk about price when pitching your product/company. Instead, focus on showing value. 
    Make Price the Last Thing — 3 minutes
  4. Tim Kopp takes a brief look at the history of the CMO and walks through seven personas (most) CMO's fit into.
    No Marketer Is An Island: Meet The 7 Personas Of The Modern CMO — 7 minutes
  5. Tyler Douglas talks about the somewhat new trend of tech CEO's asking for product feedback via Twitter, and actually taking the time to respond to the responses. 
    Why tech CEOs are turning to Twitter for product feedback — 7 minutes
  6. Eric Siu explains the six elements that play into having a successful product launch.
    6 Elements of a Successful Product Launch — 6 minutes
  7. Gaetan Gachet shares some unique tips that they used early on at Algolia to get sales off the ground. 
    Algolia: The Most Impactful Early Sales Tactics — 5 minutes
  8. Tom Morisse put together an interesting article looking at Artificial Intelligence in three aspects: scientific/tech, product/business, and macro. 
    AI's New New Age — 13 minutes
  9. Dave Kellogg writes about the Marketing advantage that comes from having a holistic, analytical approach to looking at your business. 
    The Evolution of Marketing Thanks to SaaS — 3 minutes
  10. Hiten Shah encourages you to put a little bit more focus on making your early-stage product fantastic before you go worrying about sales, marketing, or design. 
    Nothing Matters Unless Your SaaS Product is on Point — 15 minutes

Meme of the week

So, this is a pretty great story... 

Remember a couple weeks ago when the New England Patriots made an unbelievable comeback in the Super Bowl? 

Well, midway through that game when New England was losing, tennis star Genie Bouchard made a harmless little bet to one hopeful Patriots fan via Twitter. 

The bet? Take a look for yourself:

Well as we now know, the Patriots did indeed comeback and win, and lucky for @punslayintwoods, Genie is a women of her word and actually went through with the date.

Here they are this past Wednesday heading to the Brooklyn Nets game:

The best part of all this? Reports say that there will be a second date!

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