ICYMI: December 17, 2017

What we wrote

Joel Burke, Partner and Analytics Practice Lead at Outshine, joined us to talk about Account-Based Marketing strategy and tactics as companies scale. This is a must-read. 
ABM at Scale with Joel Burke — 11-minute read 

What we're reading

  1. Julia Manoukian looks at a study focused on 900+ companies reviewing successful sales development structure, system, people, and pipeline. 
    How 900 Companies Build and Execute Successful Sales Development Teams — 3 minutes
  2. Peter Ostrow explains how for long-time B2B sellers, it's tough to balance individual success with what's best for the company.
    I've Been Selling a Long Time – Just Leave Me Alone and Let Me Make My Number — 3 minutes
  3. Mike Preuss encourages you to include PQLs in your organization as a way to increase alignment. Product team focused on building a great product, sales team focused on highly qualified leads, and the marketing team dynamically nurturing leads. Win-win-win. 
    Pull Levers in your Sales Funnel with Product Qualified Leads — 7 minutes
  4. Trinity Ventures compiled a number of #2018predictionsin5words. Check them out.
    2018 Predictions — TL;DR — 2 minutes
  5. Mark MacLeod shares four key insights he observed from his time in the trenches of scaling an SMB. 
    Key insights from scaling SMB SaaS companies — 4 minutes
  6. Jason Lemkin gives advice on how to deal with one of the most frustrating things for a growing company: a long sales cycle on a big deal. 
    How to Cope With Long Sales Cycles — 4 minutes
  7. Tomasz Tunguz explains how running an effective meeting boils down to respect for the time of others and so preparation is key. 
    Meetings Shouldn't Be Boring — 3 minutes

Meme of the week

If you're a fan of the expert interview series on the FunnelCake blog, you know that we end every conversation talking about '90s dance songs, because ... why not? As a present to you loyal newsletter subscribers, here are all the best answers we've come across in our interviews in one handy Spotify playlist – enjoy :) 

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