ICYMI: November 27, 2016

What we wrote

Check out Kathy English, the VP of Enterprise Marketing at Vocera, on our blog talking about the Marketing career path. 

"Throughout my career, the most important thing I've done is listen."

Kathy explains what makes her path unique compared to other VPs, how first-hand industry experience can help product marketers, and her strategy when it comes to hitting MQL targets. 
'Kathy English on the Marketing Career Path' — 10-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Steve Woods presents an interesting question: Is it time to stop measuring MQLs? Steve explains how MQLs may actually be hurting your sales and marketing teams. 
    'Marketing & Sales Alignment – Is It Time to Stop Measuring MQLs?' — 5 minutes
  2. Jay Baer explains why Account-Based Marketing works in B2B, how to effectively implement strategy, and how it can help improve lead gen. 
    'Why Is Account-Based Marketing Right for B2B?' — 4 minutes + 42 slides

  3. Joe Pulizzi talks diversity in the marketing world. Is it getting better? Yes. Is it good? Not good enough. 
    'Tackling Diversity in the Marketing World' — 5 minutes
  4. Andrew Nguyen looks at some alarming stats coming from the State of Pipeline Marketing 2016 showing that most marketers don't have confidence in their data. 
    'What It Is And How It Affects Marketing Performance' — 6 minutes
  5. Kasey Panetta understands that analytics can be complicated, but delivers ten 'megatrends' that will help guide you. 
    '10 Megatrends in Analytics' — 3 minutes
  6. Andrew Jones delivers a report detailing what marketing automation is right for you. 
    'Marketing automation: how to make the right buying decision' — 4 minute read (preview)
  7. Joanna Wiebe from CopyHackers explains how to make the copy for your websites, emails, and newsletters non-sucky. She talks about copy that is relatable, unpredictable, and full of personality (plus so much more). This is an older post but a very worthwhile read. 
    'Writing Non-Sucky Copy for Websites, Emails and Newsletters' — 40 minutes 
  8. Jamie Shanks writes about the importance of the sales 'follow-through' and how salespeople need to put more effort into it. 
    'The Best sales Teams Know When to Stop Selling' — 5 minutes
  9. McKinsey & Company provide a step-by-step guide to something we all strive to be — an agile marketing team (that can scale!)
    'Agile marketing: A step-by-step guide' — 15 minutes
  10. Iain Broome gives ten plain English principles that will be sure to have you writing faster and making your headlines easier to read.
    '10 plain English principles for writing better web content' — 8 minutes

Meme of the week

The travel bug is going around, but before you plan your next trip, check out this map of every country's tourism slogan.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Iceland - Inspired by Iceland (because of 'kittens inspired by kittens')
Norway - Powered by nature
Albania - Go your own way! (because of this)


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