ICYMI: November 5, 2017

What we wrote

Amrita Gurney, VP Marketing at CrowdRiff, joined us to chat about building a Marketing team from scratch.

"It's shocking to still see Marketers solely focused on MQLs – that's so 2005!"

Building a Marketing Team from Scratch w/ Amrita Gurney — 13-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Tomasz Tunguz looks at what the rising rate of cost of customer acquisition means for SaaS companies.
    The Implication Of Secular Increases In SaaS CAC — 3 minutes
  2. Russell Vaughan explains how we can use data to break down the barriers between Sales and Marketing.
    Knocking down the wall between marketing and sales — 4 minutes
  3. Ronen Shetelboim gives his argument for why the Next Generation CMO (a.k.a Growth CMO) should be second in command behind the CEO, rather than other titles like the COO.
    Second in Command: The Emergence of the “Growth CMO” — 3 minutes
  4. Amanda Richardson (data expert) points out four approaches to data she sees in the market that we should all watch out for. 
    The Four Cringe-Worthy Mistakes Too Many Startups Make with Data — 9 minutes
  5. Andy Raskin shares his experience hearing Dave Gerhardt speak at an event and how he managed to captivate the entire audience. 
    The Greatest Sales Pitch I've Seen All Year — 12 minutes
  6. Wayne Chang gives some incredible advice on creating an unforgettable first-time user experience for your users. 
    The Quintessential Guide For Building An Unforgettable User Experience — 13 minutes
  7. Steli Efti points out some extremely important things (that often get overlooked) that great salespeople do to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. 
    What the best SaaS sales reps know that others don't — 5 minutes

Meme of the week

Halloween is over and it's November ... that means it's pretty much Christmas, right?

Check out this list of hilarious tweets comparing October 31 and November 1. 

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