ICYMI: January 8, 2017

What we wrote

As we ring in 2017, let's reflect back on this past year by looking at our top three blog posts of 2016.

  1. Kelly Winter on Sales and Marketing's (Dysfunctional) Relationship

  2. Myke Hurley on Podcast Ads  

  3. Pete Caputa on the Sales Process

What we're reading

  1. Douglas Burdett rounds up the top 15 marketing books of 2016 in one convenient list.
    'Top 15 Marketing Books of 2016' — 12 minute read
  2. Kevin George takes us down memory lane to look at how email has changed throughout the years and where it's headed in the years to come. 
    'Travel through Time: Visualizing the Evolution of Emails' — 8 minutes
  3. Randy Frisch issues a challenge to content marketers. A challenge that encourages marketers to focus less on SEO, lead gen, and shares, and more on entertaining your audience. If you create content, you need to read this.
    'A Challenge: Entertain With Your Content' — 8 minutes
  4. Jessica Mehring has a nine step process to help with your content creation strategy. Coming up with content concept ideas is the easy part, but actually turning it into content can be a little more tricky 🤔
    'Content Creation Considerations' — 6 minutes
  5. Tom Scearce offers an framework that covers everything to do with account-based everything. 
    'The Account-Based Everything Framework' — 29 minutes
  6. Kelly O'Hara talks about a number of trends to look for in 2017 including video, Facebook live, and user generated content. 
    'B2B Marketing Trends for 2017 [Infographic]' — 2 minutes
  7. Michael Litt discusses how video communication can help aid many communication problems we face today when using outdated text communication. 
    'A CEO's Tips for Using DIY Video for Consumer Marketing' — 4 minutes
  8. Carol Krol writes about customer journey mapping, and although it isn't new, the process behind creating the maps is 🗺
    'Customer Journey Mapping Emerging As Top Priority' — 5 minutes
  9. Ayaz Nanji uncovers some interesting stats about how companies are using their marketing automation systems. Stats cover how much companies are using their automation system, the goals they have, and what their biggest barriers to success are. 
    'How B2B Companies Are Using Marketing Automation' — 2 minutes
  10. Uberflip shares how you can optimize your workspace for creativity. New year, new space? 
    'How to Optimize Your Workspace & Habits for Creativity' — 4 minutes

Meme of the week

As we're all now somewhat settled into 2017, it's time to say goodbye to what many believe is the worst year yet... 2016 👋  

It was a year full of ups and downs, a crazy presidential race, and a shocking amount of celebrity deaths, but 2016 saved something special for it's grand finale... to completely embarrass Mariah Carey.


✌️ 2016
👋 2017

Dan Bruce