ICYMI: October 2, 2016

Hey πŸ‘‹  We're going to Dreamforce. We'll be in The Startup Valley on Tuesday from 8am-8pm. Drop by and say hi!

What we wrote

Laura Martin, the VP of marketing at Axonify, is well-known for building brilliant playbooks for sales and marketing. We picked her brain about how she got started writing playbooks, cold-calling, and coin-operated salespeople. 
'Laura Martin on Sales & Marketing Playbooks' β€” 9 minute read

Our incredibly smart data scientist, Mary Loubele, combats any excuse you've ever used for not attending a technical meetup. 
'Four reasons not to go to a technical Meetup' β€” 4 minutes

What we're reading

  1. Larry Kim drops ten conversion rate optimization (CRO) truth bombs that will have you optimizing landing pages smarter πŸ’£
    '10 CRO Truth Bombs' β€” 11 minutes
  2. Myk Pono writes an in-depth post that will provide you the core principles of lead nurturing, and lead scoring. 
    'Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, and Drip Email' β€” 39 minutes
  3. Victoria Hoffman explains how you can minimize database deterioration by preventing deliberate unsubscribes. She explains the most common reasons why people unsubscribe, how to onboard new subscribers, and email templates that work. 
    'Why You Need to Onboard New B2B Subscribers' β€” 6 minutes
  4. Sora Wondra offers some advice about how to work with your dev team to get the MarTech tools you need.
    'Sell Your Developers on the MarTech You Want' β€” 5 minutes
  5. Jon Manley outlines a big difference between the average sales person and a top sales person. That difference? Touching base. 
    'Stop Touching Base With Your Prospects' β€” 5 minutes
  6. Jason Lemkin takes a look back at successful SaaS companies from years past... what led to them being successful, and where success will come from looking forward.
    'Age of Tech in SaaS: How The Bar Has Changed' β€” 3 minutes
  7. The Waypost blog writes about the importance of conversion rates and that things like reach, bounce rate, and time-on-site (vanity metrics) should be looked at as merely hints to give you an idea about the situation you are in. 
    'Conversion is not a sale: It's the top marketing metric' β€” 4 minutes
  8. Daniel Barber provides some great tips for businesses in competitive markets.  
    '7 Tips For Competitive Markets' β€” 4 minutes
  9. Jen Spencer talks about the BDR role and how it should not only support inbound marketing, but also help bridge the customer journey from content-consuming to active oppurtunity. 
    'Scaling a Sales Team: Our 1st Month with Our BDR' β€” 5 minutes
  10. Ross Graber writes about B2B attribution tools and that when we understand what's driving marketing performance, we're in a posiiton to drive improvement. 
    'What’s the Story on B-to-B Attribution Technology?' β€” 3 minutes

Meme of the week


Get ready to change that default screensaver you've had on your phone for far too long. 

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P.S. maybe we should be talking about that harsh text from his mom?

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