ICYMI: July 10, 2016

What we wrote

Marko Savic points out the most common bad habits your sales reps do to affect your forecasting. How it's hurting you, how to identify it, and how to fix it so you can forecast accurately, hit targets, and improve your sales process. 
"7 bad CRM habits that wreck your forecast" — 5-minute read

Abheek Dhawan, Business Operations Lead at Shopify Plus, sat down with us to talk data 🤓 What metrics he finds most valuable, how it gets used day-to-day, and the importance of communication amongst all of your teams. 
"Abheek Dhawan on Data" — 12 minutes

Our chat with Steve Woods, CTO of Nudge Software, on modern business relationships is now available as a podcast 🎙 
Take your pick 💁 podcast or blog

What we're reading

  1. Jeremy Boudinet shares the ten best sales blog posts from the first half of 2016. 
    "The Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of 2016 (So Far)" — 9 minutes

  2. April Dunford encourages you to think about what it is you do, and what the different answers to that question are. How you answer not only changes your marketing strategy but the vision and trajectory your company takes. 
    "What the heck is your product really?" — 3 minutes

  3. Jason Cohen explains how to measure forecasts, but forecasts are hard. So, he relates it to everyone's favorite forecast... the weather! 🌤⛈🌦 
    "How to measure the accuracy of forecasts" — 12 minutes

  4. Jacob Firuta gives advice on how to, and how not to write customer stories. This article covers it all... the types of customer stories to choose from, gathering material, finding the right story, making the pitch, how long it should be, promoting, and so much more. 
    "How to Tell Stories That Sell: Using Customer Stories" — 20 minutes

  5. Kevin Hurley encourages you not to treat everyone as equals, especially if you sell enterprise deals or to a niche market. Here are three prospecting sources to help personalize your outreach in an authentic way. 
    "3 Prospecting Sources of Gold for Crafting a Personalized Outreach" — 3 minutes

  6. Pete Caputa offers up twelve helpful strategies when prospects ask for customer references. 
    "How to Respond When Prospects Ask For Customer References" — 16 minutes

  7. John-Henry Scherck writes about how to use sales triggers in the right way, what signs to watch out for, and how to track them to be able to contact your buyer at the perfect time and move deals forward 🕒
    "How To Personalize Sales Triggers to Start Conversations" — 8 minutes

  8. Francois Mathieu gives a complete guide to help clean up your automation database. Data inaccuracy is a big problem for companies today. Clean data allows you to increase email deliverability, nurture leads better, and better qualify prospects through the funnel. 
    "The Guide To Cleaning Up Your Marketing Automation" — 7 minutes

  9. Hiten Shah writes about building a brand from nothing and the importance of having two things; novelty and repetition. 
    "How to Build a Brand from Nothing" — 5 minutes

  10. Ed King points out a worse problem than duplicate data... duplicate fields. He explains what the cause is, minimization, data unification, and tools to help 🔨🔧
    "Your Duplicate-Data Problem Has an Evil Twin: Duplicate Fields" — 5 minutes

Meme of the week

The FunnelCake team has been debating internally whether this week's meme is Microsoft pulling off a brilliant marketing tactic, or a dreadful attempt at being 'young' and 'trendy'. We're leaning toward the latter. 

Here is a tweet sent out by @pburtchaell, a university student, showing what appears to be an email from a Microsoft recruiter to his roommate. 



You've got to give this recruiter credit... Kim managed to fit "BAE INTERN! <3", "hella noms", "dranks", and our favorite, "HELL YES TO GETTING LIT ON A MONDAY NIGHT" all into a single email.

What millennial could say no to that?

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